“Impeachment” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

photo by Gage Skidmore

We discuss this week’s surprising House of Representatives vote where 129 House Republican members voted to rebuke Trump on Syria and will it lead to more movement for the impeachment of Trump. Robert and Karen Kirsch dive into a deeper discussion of impeachment. We also talk about the new state GOP effort to restrict Governor Evers’ veto power and to remove as many as 234,000 voters from Wisconsin’s voter roles.

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Resolution opposing Trump’s troop withdrawal in Syria is backed by Wisconsin lawmakers in both parties.
Democratic leaders walk out of meeting with Donald Trump on Syria, claim president had ‘meltdown’.
GOP lawmakers advance plan to prevent Tony Evers from using veto to increase state spending.
Senate committee takes aim at governor’s partial veto powers.
Group seeks to remove thousands from Wisconsin’s voter rolls because they are believed to have moved.

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