“The con continues” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“The con continues” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss this week’s impeachment news, including the storming of a closed hearing by right-wing Members of Congressmen. Foxconn announced this week that their highly touted “innovation centers” in Wisconsin cities will not happen any time soon. Gov. Evers’ special session on guns is immediately rejected by Sen. Fitzgerald and other Republicans, who plan not to hold any debate or hearings. Also Chicago educators are on strike joining autoworkers in taking direct action against economic injustice, and yet another MU Law School poll is released, with interesting results. We also welcome Citizen Action co-op member and Eau Claire County Board Supervisor Zoe Roberts to discuss the Eau Claire City Council passage of a resolution officially recognizing November 14-20 as Transgender Awareness Week and November 20th as Transgender Day of Remembrance.
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Vote in People’s Action Presidential Primary Candidate Survey 

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is a member of the national organizing network, People’s Action. Citizen Action is surveying our members on their attitudes in the Democratic presidential primary election.

We are encouraging all members to VOTE in the survey. Voting will continue until Sunday, November 3rd.


Show Links:
Protesting Republicans bring impeachment hearing to a halt by storming secure hearing room.
House Republicans’ impeachment stunt is an attempt to distract from the allegations against Trump.
Will Trump shut down the government to fight impeachment?
Foxconn Innovation Centers On Hold Across The State.
‘It’s Time To Get Something Back:’ Union Workers’ Voices Are Getting Louder.
City of Eau Claire declares November 14-20 as Transgender Awareness Week

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