Movement wins on Election night

We discuss this week’s election results from around the country, and what they portend for 2020. We look at the significance of high profile victories in the Kentucky and Virginia and highlight some amazing members of the Working Families Party and People’s Action affiliates who won elections. We analyze the latest escalation of the Legislature’s partisan war against Governor Tony Evers: the State Senate firing of Agriculture Secretary Brad Pfaff. What does it mean, and who in Governor Evers’ cabinet is their next target? Foxconn wants to omit sprinklers from part of their new factory (what could go wrong?), the special session on gun safety comes and goes with no action, and the top electoral issues, healthcare reform, remains a no show in the legislature, despite GOP vows to do something about pre-existing condition discrimination.

Kissy Coakley, will be the first African-American woman to serve on the Minnetonka City Council.

Tuesday’s Elections Show Impeachment Might Not Boost GOP As Much As It Hoped.
3 takeaways from Tuesday’s elections in Kentucky, Virginia and Mississippi.
Election Results 2019: GOP Incumbent Refuses to Concede in Tight Kentucky Governor Race.
People’s Action candidates and agenda win last night! Setting the stage for a big 2020.
Full-court press for Pfaff puts GOP senators in a bind.
Evers sits on the Senate floor as Republicans fire his ag secretary.
Wisconsin tourism secretary designee confirmation unsure, ‘there’s a storm brewing’
Foxconn wants to omit firefighting sprinklers in part of its factory, and a consultant says that’s safe.
Anticipating Thursday’s special session on gun safety? Don’t blink.
Legislature set for another clash with Tony Evers.
What hasn’t happened in health care. Some health legislation passes, but major issues fall from legislature’s agenda.

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