“Green New Deal in Sconnie” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

After an impeachment discussion and analysis of the new MU law Poll, we are joined by Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore-Omokunde to discuss Milwaukee’s new joint County/City task force to address climate change and economic equity. The task force starts the process of developing a concrete plan to use the leverage of local government to restructure the local fossil fuel-based economy and reorganize it to dramatically reduce the shocking racial inequality that plagues Milwaukee.

Listen Now – Episode #418
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To get involved in the MKE climate and equity campaign contact: [email protected]

Next MKE Climate Task force Meeting
Tuesday, November 26th; 2pm
Milwaukee City Hall #301B


New Marquette Law School Poll finds shifts in Wisconsin public opinion favorable to President Trump on impeachment and presidential election preferences.
Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes to Join U.S. Leaders at U.N. Climate Talks Despite Federal Action to Withdraw from Paris Agreement.
Task forces will tackle climate change issues across Wisconsin.
Members named to Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity.

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