“Legalize marijuana, criminalize voter suppression” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the latest news surrounding the organized conservative effort to hold state election commission officials in contempt for keeping voters on the rolls following the Election Commission’s deadlocking on whether to purge people from the voter registration roles. Illinois’ legalization of marijuana started on January 1st and saw huge lines across the state, particularly at locations near the state boarder. We talk about the Democratic presidential primary race, including the of Secretary Julian Castro. We close by reviewing Governor Evers’ first year in office and look towards 2020.
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Press Clips

Conservatives ask judge to hold election officials in contempt for keeping voters on the rolls.
Conservative legal group alleges Elections Commission in contempt of court.
A voter roll purge on hold and a gridlocked Elections Commission.
Elections commission deadlocks on voter purge issue for second time this month.
Julián Castro Ends Presidential Campaign.
Democrat Julián Castro drops out of 2020 presidential race.
Gov. Tony Evers on the legislature, the lame duck and ‘what I was elected to do’.

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