Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, February 7th

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, February 7th

Friday, February 7th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin endorses Tricia Zunker for Congress District 7 Special Election. Vote Tuesday, February 18th!

Citizen Action is proud to announce the endorsement of Tricia Zunker for the U.S. Congress District 7 special election. The Primary Election is Tuesday, February 18th and the General Election is Tuesday, May 12th.

Tricia is a Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizing co-op member from Wausau and currently the president of the Wausau School Board. Tricia has been leading a statewide effort to retire Native American mascots from Wisconsin public schools.

This Friday, Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Board finalized the endorsement of Tricia Zunker. The process included candidate questionnaires and two Citizen Action candidate forums hosted by Citizen Action’s Northwest and Northcentral Organizing Co-ops in Rice Lake and Wausau. At the forums members asked questions of the two Democratic Party candidates. The events were attended by nearly one hundred members and allies. Following the candidate forums, leaders from both co-ops discussed the election and recommended to the Citizen Action Board the endorsement of Tricia Zunker.

See media coverage from the Wausau forum on January 27th. Watch the Wausau forum.

Watch a video featuring Tricia Zunker.
LIKE Tricia’s campaign facebook page

How you can help Tricia win!

  1. Donate! You do not have to live in this district to be affected by the outcome of this Special Election.
  2. Host a fundraiser.
  3. Volunteer with the campaign to canvass, phone or send text messages to important voters. Talking to voters is super important! To volunteer, email: [email protected]
  4. Call your friends and family about voting for Tricia. Call ten people and get them to vote Tricia Zunker. Have them each commit to calling ten people to do the same.
  5. Social Media. Follow and share posts frequently. Invite all your friends to like/follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website.
  6. Put up a yard sign.
  7. VOTE Tuesday, February 18th and Tuesday, May 12th.

Email: [email protected] to help out!

Contact [email protected] to find out how you can volunteer to help Tricia’s campaign in North Central WI and [email protected] in Northwestern WI.

Citizen Action invites you to attend a fundraiser for Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum, Tuesday, February 11th, 5:30pm

Citizen Action of Wisconsin president Mark Thomsen and Grace Thomsen invite you to support Milwaukee public schools next Tuesday, February 11th, 5:30pm.

The event will raise resources for the MPS referendum committee, which is leading the effort supporting the April 7th referendum to increase funding for Milwaukee Public Schools.

In order to win this referendum the campaign will need to speak to thousands of voters before the April 7th election and that requires resources and volunteers. We need you to contribute.

Come join us next Tuesday, February 11th or donate today.

Event Details:
Tuesday, February 11th, 5:30PM – 7:30PM
Home of Grace and Mark Thomsen
2217 E Kenilworth Pl, Milwaukee

Get a Yes for MPS yard sign

Volunteer for Citizen Action endorsed Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive

RSVP to Make Phone calls from home:

  • Weekend of February 7-9
  • Weekend of February 14-16
  • February 17th
  • February 18th

RSVP to Canvass:

  • Saturday, February 8th: Canvass in Shorewood, 9am-12pm; Canvass in Northwest Milwaukee, 12pm-3pm
  • Sunday, February 9th; Canvass in Wauwatosa, 10am-1pm; Canvass in Wauwatosa, 1pm-4pm
  • Saturday, February 15th: Canvass in Northwest Milwaukee, 9am-12pm; Canvass in Northwest Milwaukee, 12pm-3pm
  • Sunday, February 16th; Canvass in Bayview, 10am-1pm; Canvass in Bayview, 1pm-4pm
  • Monday, February 17 GOTV Literature drops and phones
  • Tuesday, February 17 GOTV Literature drops, phones, visibility, and rides to polls.

RSVP to volunteer at Larson Campaign Office

  • Saturday, February 15th, 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm; and 2pm-5pm
  • Sunday, February 16th, 11am-2pm, 2pm-5pm; and 4pm-7pm

Canvass for Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum, Saturday, February 8th

Vote Yes for MPS coalition, which includes Citizen Action of Wisconsin, is canvassing in support of the April 7th referendum this Saturday, February 8th, 10am – 1pm & Noon – 3pm. Canvassers can meet at the MTEA office, 5130 W. Vliet. or Peace Action WI, 1001 E. Keefe Ave.

RSVP here.

Volunteer to Canvass with Citizen Action endorsed candidate Marina Dimitrijevic

Join Marina for coffee, snacks and an opportunity to knock on voters’ doors for Marina Dimitrijevic for Alderwoman.


Movement Politics Director, JoAnna Bautch, Hits the Ground in NC WI!

On Wednesday, Feb. 5th, Citizen Action’s new Movement Politics Director, JoAnna Bautch, traveled to Wasuau to met with local elected leaders that are also sustaining members of the Citizen Action of WI North Central Organizing Co-op.

The meetings were an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges local candidates and elected officials confront and how Citizen Action can better organize with them to both win their elections and than successfully implement our shared agenda through governing together.

JoAnna met with:

  • Katie Rosenberg, Wausau Mayoral candidate
  • Tricia Zunker, 7th Congressional District candidate
  • Sarah Watson, Wausau City Council (District 8) candidate
  • Yee Leng Xiong, Marathon County Board of Supervisors, Weston Village Board of Trustees, and DC Everest School Board.
  • Ka Lo, Marathon County Board of Supervisors and Wausau School Board candidate.

JoAnna also attended the Wausau Mayoral debate between incumbent Mayor Mielke and Co-op member, Katie Rosenberg, organized by the American Association of Women (AAUW) and the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund.

You can see press coverage of the debate from the Wausau Daily Herald, WSAU, and WAOW Newschannel 9.

Healthcare Co-op and the State of the Union

Citizen Action members gathered together on Tuesday, February 4th to watch President Trump give his State of the Union address. The lies were numerous on all topics but for the purpose of efficiency and limited space, we will focus on healthcare.

The largest whopper of a lie was his concern for pre-existing conditions. You can’t tout support for pre-existing conditions protections while trying to slash the ACA. The ACA is the only mechanism that has authority over all health insurance companies and plans nationwide. States can pass some protections but the ACA at the Federal level is the most comprehensive.

His second most misleading statement was touting price transparency as some great panacea. Price transparency is a real proposal, and it would be a good thing to force hospitals to give their real prices. However, It won’t actually lower prices unless it is followed by using the power of government to actually set the price as Medicare does. It is just not feasible to price shop for health care even when you know the price. We know Trump and conservatives oppose setting the price, which only Medicare for All or a strong public option will do. In addition, there is a fatal flaw, the $300 a day fine in Trump’s Executive Order is so low given the wealth of hospitals, most may simply pay it.

His third most misleading statement is that he wants to rein in prescription drug costs.  Numerous drafts of bills sit on Mitch McConnel’s desk including HR 3 the lower drug prices now act. Republicans have been totally stagnated around this issue.

It would be nice if we had a three strikes and you’re out rule but we don’t so we must play and fight on.  If you want to organize around the issue of healthcare, please contact our healthcare organizer [email protected].

Citizen Grassroots Lobbying Training on February 8th in La Crosse

Have you ever wished you knew how to make your voice heard in government? Do you feel like politicians don’t really represent your best interests? Do you want to learn how to work with politicians to create the kind of change you want to see in the world? Citizen Action of Wisconsin is committed to giving you the tools to make you a better activist and restore your voice in our democracy!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is hosting a training teaching you how to make your voice heard!  Please join us at 11:00 AM on February 8th at the South Community Library in La Crosse for our “Citizen’s Grassroots Lobbying Training.” We will be training Citizen Action of Wisconsin members (and the general public) how to meet with elected leaders on the local, county, state and nation level to lobby fo the kind of change they want to see in the world. Training topics will include how to get a meeting with elected leaders, how to convey your message, how to find your representatives, the power or personal lobbying and so much more.

We will be meeting from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the La Crosse Southside Community Library (1307 16th st s La Crosse Wisconsin). Everyone is welcome but space is limited so come early!  Please RSVP for this event here.

“Coffee With your Co-op” gathering with special guest State Senate district 14 candidate Joni Anderson

“Coffee with your Co-op” is a great chance to meet fellow activists and co-op members, talk politics, learn about upcoming events, and talk about how we can mobilize our power!  We do all this in an informal setting over coffee. “Coffee with your Co-op” events take place in La Crosse, Viroqua and across Southwest Wisconsin! Our next gathering will be in La Crosse on February 22nd at noon. We will be meeting at Java Vino on State rd.

We will be joined by State Senate candidate and Citizen Action of Wisconsin co-op member Joni Anderson. Joni is running against Luther Olsen in district 14. Joni is the vice president of her union and is running on a platform of fighting climate change, Medicare for all, building the labor movement and ending the unfair political practice of gerrymandering. Joni will be on hand to discuss her campaign and how Citizen Action members, even those outside of her district, can get involved with her campaign.

“Coffee with your Co-op” events are open to all co-op members as well as those who just want to learn more about the work Citizen Action of Wisconsin is doing. Please take a moment to RSVP for this event here.  We look forward to seeing you on Feb 22nd at 12:00 PM at Java Vino in La Crosse!

Healthcare story collection event in La Crosse, Saturday, March 7th

Whether you are black, white, Asian American or Native American we have all had struggles with the current healthcare system in America.  Have you ever faced unexpected healthcare bills? Have you ever skipped going to the doctor when you should have gone because of the cost? Have you ever lost your health insurance? Have you or a loved one ever skipped filling a prescription due to the high cost? Is your health insurance basically useless due to the high cost of co-pays or deductibles? Do you have loved ones who don’t have any health insurance? The story of your experience in the current American healthcare system has power to create real change!

Citizen Action believes that healthcare should be a human right and we are mobilizing our members to take action to expand that right to everyone! Your story can have a huge impact and help to expand healthcare! Join us on at 12:30 PM March 7th at the Southside La Crosse Public Library to learn how to tell your healthcare story. We will be collecting stories to be used across social media and in lobbying efforts. John Havlicek from the La Crosse teacher’s union will be on hand to teach everyone the power of their stories and how those stories can create a better tomorrow! Everyone will be able to record a video telling their own personal story.

This event is open to the public so please invite friends and family who care about expanding healthcare across Wisconsin and across America!  Please RSVP for this event here.  We look forward to seeing you Saturday March 7th at 12:30 at the Southside La Crosse Public Library located at 1307 16th st south in La Crosse Wisconsin to learn how to personal your story and can create change!  Space is limited so plan to arrive early!

“Historic Political Week” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss this historic week that included the anticlimactic conclusion of the Trump impeachment trial, the State of the Union reality TV show, and the epic data problem at the Iowa Caucus. We also review Trump’s new plan to gut Medicaid through a block grant program and Vos’ possible softening on a GOP redistricting fight in 2021. We welcome state representative Jonathan Brostoff to discuss his legislation to phase out state funding of private voucher schools to fund a guaranteed 18:1 class sizes in all public schools.

Download MP3
Press Clips

LISTEN to Executive Director Robert Kraig spent an hour on the Earl Ingram Radio show talking about Donald Trump, health care, the presidential primaries, and a Green New Deal.  You can listen to the whole interview here

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