“Coronavirus” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Coronavirus” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the implications of the coronavirus in America and the role of the pharmaceutical industry and Trump Administration in making the threat worse. We review the South Carolina Democratic presidential candidate debate and look at the latest Wisconsin polling. Is Bernie pulling away? The panel closes by talking about a new report from the Center for American Progress which blamed gerrymandering for the failure of the State Legislature to opt into BadgerCare Expansion.
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CDC official warns Americans it’s not a question of if coronavirus will spread, but when.
‘Hearing my name mentioned a little bit’: Sanders plays defense and other moments from the South Carolina Democratic debate.
Frontrunner Bernie Sanders takes brunt of attacks during Democratic debate ahead of South Carolina primary.
Democratic voters who watched Tuesday night’s debate said national front-runner Bernie Sanders impressed them the most of any candidate, followed closely by Joe Biden and then Elizabeth Warren.
Bernie Sanders surges to the lead among Wisconsin Democratic voters in new statewide poll.
Those who sat out 2016 back Democrats for president by 2-to-1 margin.
Report blames gerrymandering for blocking Medicaid expansion.


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