Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, March 6th

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, March 6th

Friday, March 6th

Vote in NEW Citizen Action’s Presidential Primary Survey

The Wisconsin Presidential Primary is just around the corner on Tuesday, April 7th! We want to know what our members think about the presidential primary election. Therefore, we are conducting a short survey of our members regarding the 2020 Presidential Primary.

The survey asks (1) whether Citizen Action should endorse in the Presidential Primary and (2) if so, who would be your top choice?

Please take the survey today

Welcome Trevonna Sims, new Citizen Action Southeast WI Co-op Organizer.

Trevonna was born and raised on Milwaukee’s Northside. Growing up, Trevonna always dreamed of becoming a teacher with hopes to better her community but quickly realized that a better community starts with better policies.

Trevonna believes there is a lot of reformation and dismantling to be done with our local politics before she can fulfill her dreams as a Community Based Educator. She started her non-profit career working with leadership focused nonprofits such as Girl Scouts of Southeast Wisconsin as a Public Ally. She has also worked for many local progressive campaigns endorsed by Citizen Action.

Trevonna has an associate degree in Community Engagement from Milwaukee Area Technical College and is finishing her Bachelor’s at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She brings experience great knowledge and history of the Milwaukee community and community organizing skills. She hopes to bring accessible green living, universal healthcare, quality education and diverse jobs for all. During her free time, Trevonna loves visiting new restaurants, hanging with friends and family, and working out.

Contact Trevonna Sims: [email protected]

U.S. Supreme Court Threatening Health Care of Millions

Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions, marketplace health insurance, at grave risk of having coverage taken away by right-wing federal judges

This week the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case being pushed by the Trump Administration that could take health care away from millions of people in America. The court will take oral arguments in October, and likely rule in early 2021, on a case that seeks to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). The timing cynically capitulates to the Trump Administration’s politically-motivated request to move until after the 2020 election what would be one of the most unpopular decisions in American history.

In December, a Republican dominated Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled in favor of the Trump administration in Texas vs. United States, striking down the ACA’s individual mandate. President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney General William Barr are using the case as a vehicle for invalidating the entire ACA, including the popular protections against pre-existing condition discrimination.

If the ACA was struck down the following provisions would be eliminated from federal law:

  • Guaranteeing coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions, impacting an estimated 852,000 to 2.436 million Wisconsinites.
  • Prohibition of price discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions. In Wisconsin, without this protection a patient with a pregnancy could be charged $17,060 more, and someone with metastatic cancer could be charged $140,510 more.
  • Free coverage of preventative care such as mammograms and colonoscopies for 2,804,258 Wisconsinites.
  • Mental health parity.
  • Prohibition of gender discrimination in coverage and pricing.
  • Prohibition of age discrimination in pricing, the so-called “age tax.”
  • Prohibition of lifetime and annual care limits.
  • Protections against junk health care plans by requiring that all essential health benefits be covered.
  • Substance abuse coverage.
  • Resources and funds to hold insurance companies accountable to regulation.

In addition, 153,000 Wisconsinites would have their health coverage taken away if the ACA was struck down, according to a recent study by the Urban Institute.

Citizen Action is urging lawmakers to codify the ACA’s consumer protections and health insurance regulations in state law to protect Wisconsinites in the event of a damaging U.S. Supreme Court decision. Senate Bill 37, sponsored by Sen. Jon Erpenbach, is a huge step in this direction. Citizen Action is also urging lawmakers to create a plan, triggered by an adverse court decision striking down the ACA, to replace marketplace plans for people who buy insurance on their own and the federal subsidies that make them more affordable.

“The nullification of the ACA by right-wing judges is a predictable human-made disaster that would wreak havoc with the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “We urge state lawmakers to take action to put the popular federal protections against pre-existing condition discrimination and other insurance industry abuses in state law, and beyond the reach of activist federal judges.”

Milwaukee City/County Task Force on Climate and Equity Nears Preliminary Report Release

The Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate & Equity met at Milwaukee City Hall on Thursday to plan the final drafting of its preliminary report. The task force is charged with developing a comprehensive plan for Milwaukee to both meet the UN greenhouse emissions reduction targets, and dramatically improve racial economic equity.

The critical task force includes two Citizen Action co-op members (Janet Meissner Pritchard and Ted Kraig) and Citizen Action Climate & Equity Director Rafael Smith. It also includes on the task force and on work groups key Citizen Action partners such as Sierra Club,, Milwaukee Area Labor Council, Clean Wisconsin, NAACP, Wisconsin Climate Table, and Community Advocates Public Policy Institute. Citizen Action co-op leaders and staff played a major role in developing the entire process.

The preliminary report, which was requested by Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamiltion, is designed to inform voters of the progress of the planning ahead of the April elections. The task force is expected to release a full final report by the end of 2020.

Healthcare story collection event in La Crosse, March 7th, 11:30am

Whether you are black, white, Asian American or Native American we all have had issues with healthcare in America.  Have you ever faced unexpected healthcare bills? Have you ever skipped going to the doctor when you should have gone because of the cost?  Have you ever lost your health insurance? Have you or a loved one ever skipped filling a prescription due to the high cost? Is your health insurance basically useless due to the high cost of copays or deductibles? Do you have loved ones who don’t have any health insurance? The story of your experience in the current American healthcare system has power to create real change!

Citizen Action believes that healthcare should be a human right and we are mobilizing our members to take action to expand that right to everyone! Your story can have a huge impact and help to expand healthcare! Join us on at 11:30 AM March 7th at the Southside La Crosse Public Library to learn how to tell your healthcare story. We will be collecting stories to be used across social media and in lobbying efforts. John Havlicek from the La Crosse teacher’s union will be on hand to teach everyone the power of their stories and how those stories can create a better tomorrow! Everyone will be able to record a video telling their own personal story.

This event is open to the public so please invite friends and family who care about expanding healthcare across Wisconsin and across America!  Please RSVP for this event here.

Canvass for Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum, Saturday, March 7th

Vote Yes for MPS coalition, which includes Citizen Action of Wisconsin, is canvassing in support of the April 7th referendum this Saturday, March 7th, 10am – 1pm & Noon – 3pm.

Canvassers can meet at:

  • MTEA office, 5130 W. VlietSt.
  • Bay View Community Center, 1320 E Oklahoma Ave.
  • Peace Action Wisconsin, 1001 E Keefe Ave.

RSVP here

Get a Yes for MPS yard sign
Thanks to a large donation all yard signs are now FREE
We have signs you can pick up at Citizen Action’s office, 221 S. 2nd ST. #300

Join Citizen Action of Wisconsin at Vernon Electric Co-op’s annual meeting March 21st to show support and learn more about the On Bill financing programs they will be offering.

We encourage all Citizen Action of Wisconsin members, regardless of their utility to attend the Vernon Electric Co-op annual meeting on March 21st. We want to have a huge showing to send a message to Vernon and other area utilities that fighting climate change is important to us!

A free breakfast will be offered starting at 8:00 AM and the meeting begins at 10:00 AM. The address is 110 Saugstad Rd in Westby WI. We will be looking for a few Citizen Action members who get their power from Vernon Electric Co-op to speak at the meeting.  

Please RSVP for this event here.

We will be handing out Citizen Action of Wisconsin buttons or stickers so that we can be extra visible and everyone can see that we represent a true movement fighting the climate crisis.  Make sure to see Ben Wilson before the meeting starts to get yours!

Coffee with the Northeast Co-op, Saturday, March 14th, Appleton

Floral Cafe, 474 N. Eisenhower Dr. Suite K, Appleton, 10am – Noon

Spend your Saturday morning with Citizen Action and learn what you can do to make a difference in 2020! Whether your passion is healthcare reform, combating climate change, or anything and everything progressive, there is a place for you and your ideas.

Afterwards, we will be launching our first canvass in 2020! This is a great opportunity to take the energy from our conversations, and put them into practice.

We will be joined by co-op member Emily Voight, who is running for the State Assembly in District 3. She will discuss her vision for our community and how she plans to co-govern with her constituents. We hope you will join us for a morning of coffee and conversation!

Facebook RSVP

Volunteer for Tricia Zunker for Congress in Wausau!

Starting Saturday, March 21st
Marathon County Party Office, 833 S 3rd Ave, Wausau
Starting at 9:00AM

Volunteer to help Citizen Action Co-op member Tricia Zunker in Wausau! Volunteer to knock doors and talk to prospective voters about the Spring April 7th local elections and Tricia’s Tuesday, May 12th Congressional election!

Sign up and RSVP Today to canvass for Tricia Zunker!

Saturday, March 21
Sunday, March 22
Saturday, March 28
Sunday, April 3
Saturday, April 4
Sunday, April 5
Monday, April 6
Tuesday, April 7

DONATE to Tricia Zunker’s campaign.
Watch a video featuring Tricia Zunker.
LIKE Tricia’s campaign facebook page

Email [email protected] to help out!

Northcentral Co-op Voter Registration Drive on Campus’

Join Don Dunphy and Joel Lewis for 3 voter registration events Tuesday, March 10th, Wednesday, March 11th and Thursday, March 12th from 10 am to 2 pm at three locations. 1. UW-Stevens Point – Wausau Campus, 2. NTC – Wausau Campus, and 3. Nicolet Technical College – Rhinelander Campus.

Join us. For more details contact:

Don Dunphy
[email protected]

Joel Lewis
[email protected]

Dairyland Forum & Rally for Rural Wisconsin, Sunday, March 29th

Wisconsin Farmers Union and Citizen Action of WI  invite you to a presidential candidate forum to discuss the issues that matter to family farmers and rural America. The Dairyland Forum, a presidential candidate forum and party is happening Sunday, March 29th at the Dunn County Fairgrounds.

This is a free event!

The forum will provide an opportunity for presidential candidates to engage Wisconsin’s rural voters on the topics that matter to them, including:

  • Monopolization in agriculture.
  • A plan for preventing further loss of family farms and the decline of rural and tribal food systems
  • How their rural and agriculture policies would address issues like education, roads and transportation, access to health care and the growing mental health and addiction issues in our rural communities
  • A vision a fair and just rural economy that helps all people thrive

Stay after the forum & rally for live music and a celebration of Wisconsin’s local fare, including local craft beers, cheese, brats and more. Bus routes are being planned from the Superior, Madison, and Appleton areas. Details coming soon!

To save your spot at the forum, RSVP today at

Super Tuesday Political Earthquake? Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

The panel digs into the repercussions of the Super Tuesday primaries, and the dramatic thinning of the Democratic primary field down to two major candidates. What are the implications? We also discuss yet another right-wing threat to health care coverage for millions, the implication of Covid-19 for caregivers, two Wisconsin State Supreme Court scandals, and media stories indicating that a “culture of racism” may have played some role in the mass shooting at Miller-Coors factory in Milwaukee.

Listen Now – Episode #432
Download MP3
Media Clips
3-5-20 – The Earl Ingram Show (with Reggie Moore) 

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