“COVID-19 Pandemic” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“COVID-19 Pandemic” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Our panel discuses of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in the declaration of a state of emergency by Governor Evers, cancelled in person classes at many universities, and resulted in the suspension of the NBA season. We focus on the dysfunctional response from the Trump Administration to the outbreak, including the lack of testing, its cost to patients, and the president’s error riddle and xenophobic speech to the nation. We welcome Lynn Quincy, director of the Healthcare Value Hub, to talk about a new study conducted in partnership with Citizen Action that shows a majority of Wisconsinites across party lines are concerned about the high cost of healthcare. avoid needed care due to cost, and support fundamental reform. We discuss the latest news in the Democratic presidential primary after another big week for Joe Biden and yet another attempt to purge Wisconsin’s voter roles by the right.

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Press Clips

Trump Suspends All Travel From Europe For 30 Days To Combat COVID-19.
Americans snap to attention on virus as big events canceled.
Sporting events face alterations as coronavirus spreads, and Wisconsin athletes are already being impacted.
Up to 150 million Americans are expected to contract the coronavirus, congressional doctor says.
Wisconsinites favor ‘big, structural change’ to health care, survey shows. Worries about rising costs, and support for government action, cuts across party lines.
Health Care Value Survey Shows Wisconsinites Concerned About Affordability and Quality of Care.
Wisconsin Voter Purge Case Appealed To State Supreme Court.

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