“COVID-19 Hot Zone in Brown County” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“COVID-19 Hot Zone in Brown County” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We review the latest Wisconsin coronavirus news, including the GOP lawsuit seeking to overturn the Governor’s Stay at Home order. Do the Republicans really have a case? The panel welcomes Up North News reporter Jonathon Sadowski to dig into the significant outbreak of COVID-19 in Brown County meat plants, the lax response from the corporate owners and county health officials, and Trump’s order to reopen infected packing plants nationwide. Supreme Court justice Dan Kelly announces he will unrecuse himself on the voter file purge case, and rule despite being fired by the voters. We also encourage everyone to request their absentee ballots for the primary and general elections, and if you live in the district the May 12th special election in the 7th Congressional District.
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“Update: JBS in Green Bay announced it is resuming testing of its workers after we recorded this episode.”

US weekly jobless claims hit 3.84 million, topping 30 million over the last 6 weeks.
More than $290M in unemployment benefits disbursed in Wisconsin since March 15.
Unemployment phone problems persist; full call center staffing increases not expected until May.
Wisconsin coronavirus cases pass 6,500 as state says over 180 outbreaks are tied to nursing homes, other facilities.
Evers orders current budget cuts — but not furloughs. Yet.
Wisconsin Supreme Court ponders lawsuit against Safer at Home order.
Despite 330-plus Linked Cases, Green Bay Meat Plant Has Stopped Testing Employees. The County Has No Plans to Step In.
Some GB meat packing employees say recent safety changes aren’t enough.
OSHA Will Oversee Opening Of Meatpacking Plants Following Trump Order.
Number of positive coronavirus cases at Cudahy’s Smithfield plant ‘not yet known’; 503 employees tested, city says.
Special congressional election plans continue, after DHS reports COVID-19 related cases from last election.
New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Voting By Mail Amid Pandemic.

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