“The cynical politics of Kenosha” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We discuss the electoral politics of the Kenosha controversy and the push for meaningful action against structural racism with our regular panel and special guests Supreme Moore Omokunde and State Rep. David Bowen. How are the events of the last two weeks playing in the presidential election? Will they finally prompt action by the Legislature? We take a deep dive into the Trump Administration’s newly announced evictions moratorium. It is a rare humanitarian act from a callus administration or something else? We close with a discussion of the Wisconsin Department of Health Service’s new policy of suppressing public information on COVID-19 outbreaks in schools. What are the dangers? Why is a Democratic administration withholding vital public health information?
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Craig Gilbert: A national debate, a national divide and a national election intersect in Kenosha.
Trump, DOJ say $41 million coming to Wisconsin law enforcement, but specifics unclear.
Bucks, sports world dunk on Wisconsin Legislature.
Biden: Kenosha Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Should Be Charged.
Kenosha business owner accuses Trump of using destroyed store for political gain.
Area landlords concerned after CDC halts evictions until end of the year.
‘Nowhere to Go’: Wisconsin Renters Face Evictions as Emergency Aid Falls Short.
Wisconsin officials won’t name schools that have COVID-19 outbreaks, or say how big they are.

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