Citizen Action Weekly

Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, September 11th

Friday, September 11th

Citizen Action announces more 2020 Candidate Endorsements.

This week, the Citizen Action Board announced more candidate endorsements for U.S. Congress and State Legislative elections.

If you are interested in volunteering to help elect our endorsed candidates contact: [email protected]

U.S. Congress

CD 2: Mark Pocan
CD 3: Ron Kind
CD 4: Gwen Moore
CD 5: Tom Palzewicz
CD 6: Jessica King
CD 7: Tricia Zunker
CD 8: Amanda Stuck 

State Senate

SD 6: LaTonya Johnson
SD 8: Neal Plotkin
SD 10: Patty Schachtner
SD 12: Ed Vocke
SD 14: Joni Anderson
SD 16: Melissa Sargent
SD 18: Aaron Wojciechowski
SD 24: Paul Piotrowski
SD 26: Kelda Roys
SD 28: Adam Murphy
SD 30: Jonathon Hansen

State Assembly

AD 1: Kim Delorit Jensen
AD 3: Emily Voight
AD 4: Kathy Hinkfuss
AD 9: Marisabel Cabrera
AD 13: Sara Rodriguez
AD 14: Robyn Vining
AD 15: Jessica Katzenmeyer
AD 17: Supreme Moore-Omokunde
AD 19: Jonothan Brostoff
AD 21: Erik Brooks
AD 23: Deb Andraca
AD 24: Emily Siegrist
AD 26: Mary Lynne Donahue
AD 28: Kim Butler
AD 30: Sarah Yacoub
AD 31: Elizabeth Lochner-Abel
AD 33: Mason Becker
AD 34: Kirk Bangstad
AD 35: Tyler Ruprecht
AD 37: Abigail Lowery
AD 38: Melissa Winker
AD 40: Deb Silvers
AD 41: Nate Zimdars
AD 43: Don Vruwink
AD 46: Gary Hebl
AD 48: Samba Baldeh
AD 50: Mark Waldon
AD 51: Kriss Marion
AD 52: Julie Schroeder
AD 57: Lee Snodgrass
AD 62: August Schutz
AD 63: Joel Jacobson
AD 66: Greta Neubauer
AD 67: Chris Kapsner
AD 68: Emily Berge
AD 69: Brian Giles
AD 70: John Iver Baldus
AD 71: Katrina Shankland
AD 72: Criste Greening
AD 73: Nick Milroy
AD 74: Beth Meyers
AD 76: Francesca Hong
AD 78: Lisa Subeck
AD 81: Dave Considine
AD 82: Jacob Malinowski
AD 85: Jeff Johnson
AD 88: Kristin Lyerly
AD 89: Karl Jaeger
AD 90: Kristina Shelton
AD 91: Jodi Emerson
AD 92: Amanda White Eagle
AD 93: Charlie Warner
AD 94: Steve Doyle
AD 96: Josefine Jaynes

Attend Southeast WI Co-op Virtual Summer Assembly “No Lockdown on Activism!” on Saturday, September 12, 10AM

Don’t miss our virtual Summer Assembly on Saturday, September 12, 2020, at 10:00 AM via Zoom. You’ll hear from some amazing guest speakers, including Rep. David Bowen, Rep. Robyn Vining, candidate Emily Siergrist, and more. This meeting is for all Co-op members that would like to catch up on how Citizen Action has been active in the election, the Green New Deal, and current social movements in our state. We will need all hands on deck for this time around.


Join COVID-19 VIGIL, Thursday, September 17th, 3:30, Milwaukee

Location: Near the Lower East Side/River West, Yet to be determined.

We are nearing the 200,000 mark of lives lost to COVID-19. Several healthcare co-op members feel this astounding fact is being overlooked and minimized and wanted to hold a vigil and public reminder of where we are to date. We need at least 15 people to help make this visible so please consider attending if you are able. Masks are required.  We are also keeping a watchful eye on the participant size so we can maintain optimal social distancing so this will be as safe as possible. We have a local faith leader that will be speaking.  If you have a loved one or friend that has been lost to COVID-19, you are welcome to attend and to bring a picture or a poster so we can acknowledge the loss.

We could have done better at managing this pandemic and we need to remind people that this toll is unacceptable while also remembering those we lost.

Contact Karen if you think you can make it and she will send you the RSVP link.  [email protected] or call or text at 414-588-0927

Covid-19 Health and Relief Town Hall with Congresswoman Gwen Moore 

Join Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Executive Director Dr Robert Kraig and many Citizen Action members and supporters as we go over some of the most critical issues of the day, and hear a on-the-ground report of what is happening with Congress and the next stimulus! Congresswoman Moore will answer our questions on where Congress is on action to help struggling Americans and getting the pandemic under control. From COVID-19 response, to eviction & foreclosure protections, to unemployment support and job creation, don’t miss this live Zoom discussion!

Please register with this link.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is launching a rural issue team in the Driftless region.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is forming a rural issue team in the Driftless region. We understand that multiple crises are hitting rural Wisconsinites at once. Whether it is the disappearing small family farm, water quality, milk prices, rural infrastructure, the corporate takeover of the agriculture industry, housing, saving the USPS, COVID, climate change and historic flooding, CAFOs, or the need to reach rural voters we want to have a member team that is ready to respond and help to plan campaigns to improve the quality of life for rural, progressives in the Driftless region.

We are currently recruiting 10-15 members to serve on this team. The rural issue team will be meeting at least once a month, virtually. Folks from La Crosse or other cities in the area are welcome to join if they have a commitment to protecting our rural voters.

If you are interested in joining this team please contact Ben at [email protected]. We are hoping to have our first rural issue time meeting in September. We are also actively expanding our membership into rural Vernon, Monroe, Crawford and Adams counties. If you know anyone in those areas who might be interested to learn more about Citizen Action of Wisconsin please connect them with Ben ASAP.

La Crosse Activists “Lift up Love” while protesting Mike Pence’s visit to the Coulee region.

Over 200 La Crosse area activists came out to spread a message of love to counter Mike Pence’s Labor Day visit to La Crosse last Monday.  Citizen Action of Wisconsin members were joined by local Black Lives Matter activists and LGBTQ+ activists to listen to speakers, register voters, and to let the Trump/Pence administration know that their divisive message is not welcome in La Crosse.

Speakers included local LGBTQ+ activists telling their story of coming out, young Black Lives Matter activist telling their stories of racism in the area and how they overcame it, HIV patients speaking to Pence’s failure to address the HIV crisis in Indiana while he was Governor and local progressives speaking about the importance of mobilizing friends and family members to get out and vote this year.

Roughly 100 protesters were on site to greet the vice presidential motorcade as it arrived.  While Mike Pence spoke to an invite only crowd outside of Dairyland Power the protest grew organically as area citizens gathered to make signs and to listen to speakers counter his message with one of hope, love and mobilization.  At one point a Trump supporter tried to violently disrupt the protest’s speakers and protesters simply formed a circle around the speakers to protect them and let the agitator know that his message was going to be drowned out by love.

By the time the motorcade pulled away over 200 protesters lined the street with signs letting Pence know that hate was not welcome in La Crosse.  You can read more about this event here.  Thank you to everyone who made it out to this very special event!

Join Citizen Action of Wisconsin endorsed candidate Kriss Marion for a chef hosted, farm to table, virtual cooking class and fundraiser!

Politics, farming and chef inspired dishes combine for a very special virtual event this Saturday at 5:00 PM.  Citizen Action of Wisconsin endorsed candidate for Assembly district 51 Kriss Marion will be joined by Chef Francesca Hong (Madison’s next Assemblywoman from district 76) for a very special cooking class hosted over Zoom!  They will be combining Chef Hong’s fabulous dishes from Morris Ramen with farm fresh ingredients from assembly district 51!

This very unique event will be your chance to meet the candidate, learn about the wonderful produce from the district, learn to cook chef quality meals, hear Kriss Marion’s vision for the future of farming in Wisconsin and talk politics.  You can RSVP for this very special event right here.  Suggested donation is $40.00 to attend.  Proceeds will help turn Wisconsin blue and what you learn will help keep your belly full!

NC Organizing Co-op Members Recognized by Labor Council on Labor Day

This year, the Marathon County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO (which is a member of the NC Organizing Co-op), did not hold a Labor Day parade, as they traditionally would have, due to the pandemic. Instead, they purchased a radio ad that played throughout Labor Day weekend in the region. Two NC Organizing Co-op members were recognized. Mayor Katie Rosenberg was recognized as the Grand Marshall and Wausau City Alder, Tom Kilian was awarded Citizen of the Year, for his commitment to the community. Originally, a parade had been planned, but the Labor Council made the tough decision to cancel that due to the COVID numbers in the County.

“Building A Better State Legislature” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Our panel discusses this week’s revelation that Trump knew the coronavirus was ‘deadly stuff’ in February and lied about it to the American people. Next we dig into the explosion of positive COVID tests on Wisconsin university campuses. What are the ramifications? Finally, we kick off post Labor Day campaign season with two Citizen Action co-op members who are running for State Assembly in western Wisconsin: Sarah Yacoub (District 30) and Kim Butler (District 28).

Listen Now – Episode #458
Download MP3

Visit Sarah Yacoub for Assembly.
Donate to Sarah Yacoub.
Volunteer for Sarah.

Visit Kim Butler for Assembly.
Donate to Kim Butler.
Volunteer for Kim.

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