Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday, October 16th

Help volunteer for Citizen Action endorsed state legislative candidates!

Free time on Monday or Tuesday nights? Consider spending it volunteering for Citizen Action of Wisconsin at Phonebanking Mondays or Texting Tuesdays! Join thousands of volunteers in Wisconsin and across the country every Monday and Tuesday night to make calls and send texts for Citizen Action of Wisconsin Endorsed Member Candidates and presidential candidate Joe Biden. Below are sign up links!

RSVP for Phonebanking Mondays 5pm-8pm.
RSVP for Tuesdays 4pm-6:30pm.

Questions? Email Shannon at [email protected]

Citizen Action Movie Night! Special advanced screening of Can You Hear Us Now? Wednesday, October 28, 6pm

Join us for a very special viewing of an award winning film about the effects of Gerrymandering on the state of Wisconsin and stick around for a discussion with the director!

We are proud to present a special online screening of the documentary film, “Can You Hear Us Now?” on Wednesday, October 28th at 6pm. The film unravels the ways that years of one-party rule have reshaped democracy in a state once known for its progressive history.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes will introduce the film and we will be joined by the film’s director and producers for a Q&A session following the film. Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for State Assembly, Emily Siegrist will also join us following the film to talk about her experience running to win in a gerrymandered district.


Citizen Action in the News

Urban Milwaukee did a great story this week on the Milwaukee City-County Climate and Economic Equity Task Force and the scale of its goals. Citizen Action played the leading role in establishing the task force, and has two members and Climate & Equity Director Rafael Smith on it, along with some of our closest coalition partners in the environmental, labor, and economic justice communities.

Citizen Action’s Rafael Smith received a prestigious environmental award from Midwest Environmental Advocates this week for his leadership on climate and racial equity. The award was presented by Wisconsin Attorney General Mandela Barnes. Read about it here.

On the Jeff Santos radio show this week Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig talked about whether or not Biden has put Wisconsin away, or whether Trump could still win. Listen here.

Volunteer for Josefine Jaynes for State Assembly: Help protect our health, water, post office, schools and fair election maps.

We have 18 days until the election! Wisconsin’s 96th Assembly district has a chance to make history and help in creating better representation for the Driftless region! 

Josefine Jaynes for State Assembly is running for Wisconsin’s 96th assembly district. Josefine was the first candidate to ever be endorsed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Driftless Co-op.  When elected she will be the first woman to ever represent the district AND at 18 she will be the youngest member of the Wisconsin Assembly ever elected!

All that said she is not running to be the first; she is running to protect our water, keep the Driftless region beautiful, save the rural USPS, make sure everyone has broadband, expand healthcare, make sure Wisconsin’s maps are fair, and make sure that rural Wisconsinites are not left behind! To say that she is an inspiring candidate would be an understatement!

You can help now by signing up for volunteer opportunities at Josefine’s campaign website.  You can also help by chipping in a small donation right here!

Thank you for ongoing support for Emily Siegrist’s campaign.
Volunteer Today!

All that you do contribute to winning a gerrymandered district. Thank you to all who joined us at last week’s Lit Drop. We were able to help Emily drop over 700 literature in district 24. If you were unable to attend last week, We will be having a phone bank party next week.

Emily’s Phonebank party will be held via Zoom on Saturday, Oct 24th at 9:30am till noon. Scripts will be provided. If you are available to join us at this event please contact Trevonna Sims at [email protected]

Help with Lit Drops for Tricia Zunker and Jeff Johnson in Wausau.

Every Saturday until the election, Women for Women Wausau Chapter and friends will be doing lit drops (no doors) for Zunker, Johnson, and Biden, 10 am-2 pm at the Marathon County Dems office (218 Sherman Street, Wausau, WI 54401). Pick up your lit and a packet and go! Please bring back any unused packets and the turf. We need all hands on deck! Mask up!! There are also postcards, printed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin for Women for Women, available if you would prefer to help in this way. Just write a personalized message and add a stamp that will be provided.

From Tricia Zunker:

Marathon County friends: looking for volunteers to drop lit for me (WI-7) and Jeff Johnson (WI AD 85) this weekend. Nancy Stencil, Rita Pachal and Dorothy Miller are leading the effort along with Women for Women and I’m so grateful to them. But more volunteers would help immensely. Please e-mail: [email protected] to sign up.  This is *just* dropping lit to targeted voters, no door knocking. Here are some other ways to help:

Letters to the Editor. A great way to convince people to support candidates is through Letters to the Editor. Share your personal story and reasons why you’re supporting Tricia Zunker and submit them to your local newspaper, either online or through mail. These small actions can help to defeat Tom Tiffany in November and get the right people in Congress representing us. For more questions or information, please email the Zunker campaign at [email protected]

Support on social media. Share/like/follow/retweet on social media to help amplify this critical campaign:

  1.     Facebook:
  2.     Twitter: @TriciaforWI
  3.     Instagram: triciaforwi
  4.     Website:

Volunteer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin endorsed candidate Kriss Marion who received a big endorsement from Bernie Sanders this week!

Kriss Marion is running for Wisconsin Assembly seat 51 to protect our land, our farms, our communities, our planet, and our futures!  Her unique history as a small business owner, farmer, and activist makes her exactly the kind of person we need in Madison.

Recently Kriss received one of her biggest endorsements to date.  She has officially been endorsed by Bernie Sanders himself!  This just goes to show how Kriss represents a new generation of bold, visionary, progressive leaders!

For more information about Kriss Marion, her campaign, and to donate to this amazing candidate please visit her campaign website RIGHT HERE!

You can also help Kriss’s campaign by signing up to volunteer for lit drops. If you are interested in helping the campaign by dropping flyers on doors in Assembly District 51 sign up here.  It’s a quick and beautiful drive from Madison to Kriss’s district so help from Dane county is more than welcome!

North Central Co-op volunteers to help endorsed candidate Tyler Ruprecht with Merrill or Antigo Lit Drops

Merrill: From 9am to 6pm on Saturday (10/17) we will be dropping literature (door hangers) all across the Merrill area. This will likely be the largest voter contact effort before the election and we need as many volunteers as we can get. You don’t have to volunteer the entire time, but every minute you can will make a big difference.

Antigo: From 9am to 6pm on Sunday (10/18) we will be dropping literature (door hangers) all across the Antigo area. This will likely be the largest voter contact effort in Langlade County before the election and we need as many volunteers as we can get. You don’t have to volunteer the entire time, but every minute you can will make a big difference.

Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided at both locations. We will have blocks divided up into sets of 100-150 and we will try to have people working in teams of 2 or 3. You can do as many sets as you would like for as long as you would like. Every bit will help.

Contact Tyler at [email protected] if you can help out!

Imagining a Caring Economy with Kristina Shelton, Saturday, October 21, 6PM

We’ve been taught that families take care of their own. And yet — as more people live longer, working millennials become parents, fewer households can rely on stay-at-home caregivers, and the meaning of family evolves — providing care has become too unmanageable for many to handle alone. Imagine if it were manageable!

Join Citizen Action Healthcare Director Claire Zautke, State Assembly Candidate Kristina Shelton, and community members as we imagine a future where any care need, for any person, at any stage of life is covered. Make sure you sign-up at! When you register, you will be sent a link to our Facebook page and a reminder to tune in at 6PM on Wednesday, October 21st. You can also share the event from our facebook event page.

“Drive for Change” voting caravan and activism fair in La Crosse on October 24th!

Come out for the #drive4change voter caravan and activism fair October 24th in La Crosse. We will be driving a caravan through areas in La Crosse with low voter turn to encourage people to vote. Then at 2:00 meet with us in Riverside Park to meet organizations working to make life on the Coulee Region better and learn about how you can have an impact in this election!

Visit the Facebook event page RIGHT HERE for more information 

You can help protect Driftless waterways by letting the Wisconsin DNR that you do not support the expansion of the Wild Rose CAFO.

The Driftless region waters keep us healthy, build our communities, bring tourism, feed our farms and build our economy.  Whether we are rural or urban we all have a stake in protecting the Driftless waters.  Right now those waterways are under attack from a wealthy few.  We need to stand up, together, and do everything we can to stop the expansion of the Wild Rose CAFO in Vernon County to protect our water, grow our small and medium sized farms, protect the land for our sportsmen and save the beauty of this amazing area!

Wild Rose Dairy is a massive CAFO (concentrated animal feeding population) outside of La Farge Wisconsin in Vernon County.  They currently have 1,000 heads of cattle and they are seeking a permit to double in size.  In the past Wild Rose has had two major manure spills that have resulted in over 1,000 trout being killed.  They have not improved their operation since and yet they want to expand!

The plans they have submitted include manure storage for 5.5” of rain in 24 hours; as we all know locally we have seen multiple rain events of more than 12” of rain!  Wild Rose drains into creeks that fisherman come from all over the midwest to enjoy.  Wild Rose also sits on Karst geology that is vulnerable to sinkholes.  A sinkhole under Wild Rose would pollute our ground and water for generations!

The rural issue team with Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Driftless Co-op identified this as a vital issue that we need to address NOW.  We need to do everything we can to stop the Wild Rose expansion before they do even more damage to our area.  You can get involved RIGHT NOW.

First of all use this link to send an email directly to the Wisconsin DNR letting them know you do not support the Wild Rose expansion. You can also send a letter or postcard to the Wisconsin DNR letting them know that you are concerned about water quality if Wild Rose expands.  Letters and postcards can be sent to Eric Struck, DNR, 3911 Fish Hatchery Rd, Fitchburg, WI, 53711-5367.

You can also submit a letter to the editor.  In order to submit a letter to the editor at La Crosse Tribune please use this link.  To submit a letter to another local paper please contact the paper and find out how!

We need to act NOW.  The DNR will make its decision by the end of the month.  We need to do everything we can.  Please email the DNR, share the website to email the DNR with friends and write your letters and postcards NOW.  Together we can save the Driftless and protect a better tomorrow!

“Driftless Wisconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Another week, another set of record COVID-19 infections, deaths, and hospitalizations in Wisconsin. Will the do-nothing Republican Legislature start doing its job at this moment of great peril, or is undermining Governor Tony Evers all they care about? We discuss the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, who has been the most evasive Supreme Court nominee in modern history. She would not even commit on the right to birth control, or that climate change is a threat, let alone Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act. Robert talks about the civil rights violations by Wauwatosa Police in their outrageous and discriminatory response to peaceful protesters. Finally, we are joined by State Assembly candidates Kriss Marion and Shaun Murphy-Lopez who are challenging Republican incumbents in the Driftless region of the state.

RSVP for Citizen Action Movie Night with Can They Hear Us Now?

Wednesday, October 28th, 6pm.
Watch preview of the movie.

Learn more about Kriss Marion for State Assembly District 51.
Donate to Kriss Marion.
Volunteer for Kriss Marion.

Learn more about Shaun Murphy-Lopez for State Assembly District 49.
Donate to Shaun Murphy-Lopez.
Volunteer for Shaun Murphy-Lopez.

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