Citizen Action Weekly

Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, October 23rd

Friday, October 23rd

Citizen Action Movie Night! Advanced screening of Can You Hear Us Now? Wednesday, October 28, 6pm

Join Citizen Action of Wisconsin for a very special online screening of the documentary film, “Can You Hear Us Now?” on Wednesday, October 28th at 6pm. The film unravels the ways that years of one-party rule have reshaped democracy in a state once known for its progressive history.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes will introduce the film and we will be joined by the film’s director and producer for a Q&A session following the film that will include Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for State Assembly Emily Siegrist. Emily will talk about her experience running to win in a gerrymandered district.


Help volunteer for Citizen Action endorsed state legislative candidates!

Free time on Monday or Tuesday nights? Consider spending it volunteering for Citizen Action of Wisconsin at Phone banking Mondays or Texting Tuesdays! Join thousands of volunteers in Wisconsin and across the country every Monday and Tuesday night to make calls and send texts for Citizen Action of Wisconsin Endorsed Member Candidates and presidential candidate Joe Biden. Below are sign up links!

RSVP for Phone banking Mondays 5pm-8pm.
RSVP for Tuesdays 4pm-6:30pm.

Questions? Email Shannon at [email protected]

We need your help on Election Day to make sure everyone can make their voice heard safely and free from intimidation 

Please join us in defending democracy! Our democracy depends on ordinary people, like you and your friends, who make sure elections run smoothly and everyone’s vote is counted. You can make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all. You can help protect Election Day voters from COVID, discrimination, voter suppression,and  intimidation. Now more than ever it is so important that we help everyone exercise their right to vote!

Do you live in one of these cities: Eau Claire, La Crosse, Green Bay, Wausau, or Milwaukee? You can help the election day process in Wisconsin by being a Poll Observer, providing COVID safety materials and much more. Fill out this and we’ll get you plugged in!

Once you sign up you will be prompted to register for special virtual training.  Your local Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizer will be in touch to schedule your volunteer shift.

Democracy itself is at stake in this election.  Please consider volunteering. If you don’t feel comfortable volunteering for any reason please share our sign up page with friends and family over social media,  text, or email!

Milwaukee Covid-19 Memorial, Sunday, October 25th, 10 AM

With 600 deaths in Milwaukee County in the past seven months alone, the pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on our community. To make matters worse, there has been no public opportunity to acknowledge the lives that have been lost and the toll it has taken on our families. We are coming together to help create a public space to honor the lives we have lost and help our community heal from this tragedy.

Join us, the Milwaukee Service Area Workers, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, and Souls to the Polls in sharing our Milwaukee COVID-19 Memorial.

Saturday, October 25th, 10am, at MacArthur Square, 841 N. James Lovell St. Milwaukee.

RSVP at Facebook event page

If you have a loved one that has passed away from COVID-19, feel free to submit their photo and story to [email protected].

Please join us for very important post election rallies and protests in La Crosse

November 4th “Protect the Results” rally Riverside Park in La Crosse at 3:00 PM (?)

Even when the voting is done we have to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure that every vote is counted.  Unfortunately most people are expecting some kind of GOP effort to stop votes from being counted, Trump declaring victory during the counting or some other shady actions to sew discord.  Citizen Action of Wisconsin, SEIU, Opportunity Wisconsin and partners across the state, are planning on mobilizing a rally and march on November 4th.  There will be simultaneous events in La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Superior.    These events are being planned to draw attention to the fact that EVERY VOTE must be counted and that voter suppression, even after Election Day, is WRONG.  Any form of voter suppression violates our very democracy.

Community leaders and activist leaders will be on site to speak about the importance of fighting voter suppression now and in the future.  Signs, masks, snacks and water will be available to everyone on site.  We ask that everyone practice social distancing and wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

After the speakers we will be marching to La Crosse City Hall to let the city clerk know that we demand everyone’s voice be heard!  PLEASE RSVP USING THE FORM TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH DETAILS ON THIS EVENT 

November 7th “All in Wisconsin: Keep Fighting for a Better Tomorrow” rally and protest Copeland Park La Crosse 1:00 PM (?)

Hopefully on November 7th we know that Trump’s reign of terror over American will be coming to an end.  Hopefully by then Joe Biden is President elect and strong progressive candidates have won their seats.  Citizen Action of Wisconsin, SEIU Healthcare and Opportunity Wisconsin will once again be bringing activists together to remind them that the fight is never over!  We all have our issues that we fight for and we need to stay active and keep on fighting for action on climate change, racial justice in our state, police reform, a living wage, economic justice, healthcare for all, COVID relief, and everything else that will ensure a better tomorrow!  Just because we win an election that does not mean we can get lazy.  In order to create the world we want to stay we have to stay active and keep organizing!

The day’s actions will start with a rally and speakers at 1:00 PM in Copeland Park on La Crosse’s northside.  Climate activists, union leaders, Black Lives Matter activists and community leaders will be on site to speak about their vision for Wisconsin.  Masks, hand sanitizer, snacks and water will be available to everyone on site for free.  We want to do everything we can to prevent COVID infection so masks and social distancing are going to be a must!

At 2:00 Pm we will hand out signs and line up along Copeland Ave.  We will have signs on hand with messaging about Black Lives Matter, climate change, unions for all, a living wage, and healthcare for all.  Everyone can grab a sign for the issue that means the most to them and we will also have supplies on hand for folks to make their own. The exact time is subject to change so RSVP to stay up to date.  PLEASE RSVP USING THIS FORM TO STAY UP TO DATE WITH DETAILS ON THIS EVENT. 

“Drive for Change” voting caravan and activism fair in La Crosse on October 24th!

Come out for the #laxdrive4change voter caravan and activism fair October 24th in La Crosse. Over a dozen local organizations will be coming together to drive voter turnout, activate neighborhoods with low voter turnout, drive attention to the election, presenting to area activists and mobilizing folks for post election organizing.

We will be driving a caravan through areas in La Crosse with low voter turn to encourage people to vote. Then at 2:00 meet with us in Riverside Park to meet organizations working to make life in the Coulee Region better and learn about how you can have an impact during this election and afterwards!

Visit the Facebook event page RIGHT HERE for more information 

Citizen Action in the News: Another Award for Citizen Action’s Green New Deal Work in Milwaukee

Citizen Action’s Climate & Equity Director Rafael (Rafe) Smith won a Conservation in Action Award from the Wisconsin Conservation Voters “for his work to create and lead the Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate Change and Economic Equity and his commitment to fighting for equitable climate solutions focused on good jobs and a healthier community.”  Rafe and two Citizen Action Southeast Wisconsin Organizing Co-op members are on the task force that is writing a comprehensive climate translation and economic equity plan for the Milwaukee region. The award was presented at the annual Green Tie Gala last weekend. This is the second major environmental award Rafe has won in the last two weeks, showing how the Citizen Action Green New Deal team that he leads is putting us on the map in the climate movement. As we reported last week, Rafe won a major award from Midwest Environmental Advocates.

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig led off a national news program to discuss the all important Wisconsin presidential race, the dangers of voter suppression or outright theft of the election,  and the impact of the raging pandemic.The program airs on over 200 Pacifica Radio Network stations.  Listen to the 20 minute interview here.

Citizen Action and our national partners released a devastating new report on Thursday that shows 8 Wisconsin billionaires have seen their net worth increase by $11 billion or 28% during the pandemic. This is 5 times more than the state and local budget shortfalls in Wisconsin caused by the GOP’s refusal to allow further coronavirus relief. Read all the details, and which Wisconsin billionaires have taken the most from our rigged economy, here.

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos show to discuss the Wisconsin presidential race, and the strategy of the Biden campaign. Listen here. The Boston-based program is running a live Wisconsin election specials Tuesday nights from 7 to 10 PM on Talk 92.7 in Madison.

Help with Lit Drops for Tricia Zunker and Jeff Johnson in Wausau.

Every Saturday until the election, Women for Women Wausau Chapter and friends will be doing lit drops (no doors) for Zunker, Johnson, and Biden, 10 am-2 pm at the Marathon County Dems office (218 Sherman Street, Wausau, WI 54401). Pick up your lit and a packet and go! Please bring back any unused packets and the turf. We need all hands on deck! Mask up!! There are also postcards, printed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin for Women for Women, available if you would prefer to help in this way. Just write a personalized message and add a stamp that will be provided.

From Tricia Zunker:

Marathon County friends: looking for volunteers to drop lit for me (WI-7) and Jeff Johnson (WI AD 85) this weekend. Nancy Stencil, Rita Pachal and Dorothy Miller are leading the effort along with Women for Women and I’m so grateful to them. But more volunteers would help immensely. Please e-mail: [email protected] to sign up.  This is *just* dropping lit to targeted voters, no door knocking. Here are some other ways to help:

Letters to the Editor. A great way to convince people to support candidates is through Letters to the Editor. Share your personal story and reasons why you’re supporting Tricia Zunker and submit them to your local newspaper, either online or through mail. These small actions can help to defeat Tom Tiffany in November and get the right people in Congress representing us. For more questions or information, please email the Zunker campaign at [email protected]

Support on social media. Share/like/follow/retweet on social media to help amplify this critical campaign:
Twitter: @TriciaforWI
Instagram: triciaforwi

Alberta Darling said Republican state legislators have done enough to fight the surging coronavirus pandemic.

State Senator Alberta Darling said Republican state legislators have done enough to fightthe surging coronavirus pandemic.

Alberta Darling shamefully said, “We don’t need to come in because we gave (Gov. Evers) all the flexibility that he needs.” Yet, Darling and other Republican lawmakers have gone to court to try to limit his ability to act on his own to protect the health of Wisconsin residents.

Sadly for Wisconsin, Darling co-chairs the Legislature’s budget committee and has held no hearings for the last 6 months. It’s time for Alberta to stop getting paid for doing nothing to protect the health of Wisconsin.

Read the full Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story demonstrating the complete failure of Darling to represent the 8th Senate District.

It’s time for change.
Vote Neal Plotkin for State Senate, District 8.

Can You Hear Us Now? Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome documentary filmmakers, Susan Peters and Jim Cricchi, who will be debuting their outstanding film Can You Here Us Now? next week on Wednesday at 6pm. The film looks at the ways that years of one-party rule in Wisconsin have reshaped democracy in a state once known for its progressive history. We also talk with State Assembly candidate August Schutz who is running the gerrymandered 62nd District in Racine County. We discuss the shocking COVID-19 numbers in the state and our failed response from Republican leaders like Ron Johnson who asserts we are flattening the curve and State Representative Joe Sanfilippo who said the government has no role in helping deal with the pandemic. We released a report this week finding Wisconsin billionaires are getting richer during the pandemic. Also early voting has started in Wisconsin with long lines in many cities as the state prepares for potential militia activity on Election Day.

Listen Now – Episode #464

Read Citizen Action Report: Wisconsin Billionaires’ Net Worth’s Jump $11 Billion or 28% Since Pandemic.

Learn more about August Schutz for State Assembly District 62
Donate to August Schutz.
Volunteer for August Schutz.

Volunteer to help defend democracy at the polls on Election Day.

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