“Election of the Century” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the big election and the prospect of making major Democratic gains in the State Legislature. Next, we dissect Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ 11th hour turnaround on addressing the raging COVID-10 pandemic. Has he finally been persuaded by science, or is he desperately fighting for his political life? In a Battleground Wisconsin exclusive, we release a shocking voice mail of a disgruntled parent left for a union leader which perfectly reflects the hatred and disrespect of public employees fomenting by radical right politicians. Finally we delve into what progressives are organizing for protecting the vote on election day and post-election challenges to the vote count and majority rule from from Trump, radical right judges, and the State Legislature. Subbing for Claire Zautke on the panel this week is Citizen Action Movement Politics Director JoAnna Bautch.
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Sign the PLEDGE to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.
Wisconsinites are signing this pledge calling on our elected leaders to ensure the integrity of our elections and that every vote is counted. When you sign the pledge, we’ll follow up with key information about how to plug into gatherings in your community or online. Sign and share.

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Watch new documentary film, Can You Hear Us Now?
Watch Citizen Action hosted Q&A with the film’s director, producer, key actors in the film and Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for State Assembly, Emily Siegrist.


Fauci: COVID-19 vaccine likely not available until next year.
As the crush of COVID cases continues, Wisconsin is on track to run short of ICU beds in two to six weeks.
While in court to stop mask rules, Robin Vos calls to remove politics from COVID response.
Vos Admits, ‘Obviously, What We’re Doing Now as a State Isn’t Working’.
State Supreme Court accepts case that could wipe out Evers’ emergency COVID-19 orders.
Will the Wisconsin Legislature be won with coattails?
New Marquette Law School Poll finds Biden lead over Trump stable at five percentage points.

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