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Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, November 6th

Friday, November 6th

Citizen Action members play a significant role in Wisconsin victory for Joe Biden. 

Citizen Action members’ significant volunteer activity helped win Wisconsin for Joe Biden this week. In Wisconsin, Biden edged past Trump with record high turnout in Dane and Milwaukee Counties. In addition, a 2% increase in the rural vote for Biden in Wisconsin, as well as a shift to Biden in small and medium metro areas also helped make the final difference. 

Thank you to all the Citizen Action volunteers who helped us complete 23,630 conversations on the phones this fall with targeted voters in the City of Milwaukee and its suburbs and rural and small towns throughout Wisconsin. You were a part of helping Joe Biden win Wisconsin by 20,535 votes.

The Citizen Action program also helped elect (5) new state legislators and re-elect (4) Democrats to the State Legislature with a significant direct voter contact program that included 889,893 pieces of mail and a well funded digital program. 

Wisconsin upheld its reputation as an active, divided, battleground state with a record voter turnout of about 3.3 million — the most ever in the state —  which is at least 72% of the voting age population.

Thank you to every candidate that ran for office this fall. Now we focus on making sure every vote is counted!

November 7th “Voters Decided: Fighting for a Better Tomorrow” rally and protest Copeland Park La Crosse 1:00 PM 

We must do everything we can to make sure that we all stay involved and committed to creating a better Wisconsin and a better tomorrow!

Regardless of the results of November 3rd’s election activists need to stay focused on creating a better tomorrow.   Just because we won or lost an election that does not mean we can get lazy. Citizen Action of Wisconsin, SEIU Healthcare and Opportunity Wisconsin plan to bring activists together for a day of fun, entertainers and great speakers to remind us all that the fight is never over!  We need to stay active!  We need to keep fighting for action on climate change, racial justice in our state, police reform, a living wage, economic justice, healthcare for all, COVID relief, and everything else that will ensure a better tomorrow! In order to create the world we want, we have to stay active and keep organizing!

The day’s actions will start with a rally filled with entertainers and speakers at 1:00 PM in Copeland Park on La Crosse’s north side.  Climate activists, musicians, union leaders, Black Lives Matter activists, stand up comics and community leaders will energize the crowd and remind everyone that the work to create a better tomorrow is never done! 

After the entertainers and speakers will line up along Copeland Avenue.  We will have signs on hand with messaging about Black Lives Matter, climate change, unions for all, a living wage, and healthcare for all—everyone can grab a sign for the issue that means the most to them! We will also have supplies on hand for folks to make their own signs. Exact time is subject to change so RSVP to stay up to date.  


Masks, hand sanitizer, snacks and water will be available to everyone on site for free.  We want to do everything we can to prevent COVID infection so masks and social distancing are a must!

Special guest speakers include:

  • Local musicians and comedians 
  • Student activists and leaders
  • Newly elected Wisconsin Assemblywoman, Francesca Hong
  • Nada Elmikashfi
  • Coulee Region Sierra Club President, Kathy Allen 

Citizen Action of Wisconsin members in the Driftless region step up to protect the vote and to keep everyone safe and healthy on Election Day

Volunteers from Viola, Viroqua, Cambell and La Crosse came out on Election Day to help with the “Defend Democracy” campaign.  These wonderful volunteers were on site at three locations in the city of La Crosse to hand out PPE, help voters address problems casting their vote and be ready to react to any voter intimidation.

In total 13 volunteers from the Driftless Co-op came out to help.  Co-op members (and allies)  were set up all day at the Coulee Recovery Center, Main St Library and Black River Beach La Crosse polling location.  These election defenders were able to help countless voters, including many first time voters from nearby Viterbo University.  

Voters received help finding the correct polling location, getting the correct ID, and correcting problems after being turned away from voting.  Our team also dealt with polling site logistic problems such as sites lacking a drive-through option.  They also handed out PPE to stop the spread of COVID19.
A huge thank you to everyone who came out to help!  We are so excited that our wonderful volunteers were out helping voters from the minute polls open until the last vote was cast in La Crosse!

La Crosse activists gather to demand that every vote is counted at rally in La Crosse

In these uncertain times we have to make sure that many norms are upheld.  We have to make sure that votes are counted and no one has their voice stolen.  

The Citizen Action of Wisconsin Driftless Co-op, along with SEIU Healthcare and Opportunity Wisconsin hosted a rally, protest, march and media event to demand that NO ONE is able to stop votes from being counted.  We needed to step up and make sure that no election, big or small, is stolen before the votes are counted.

Activists, organizers, speakers and the media started the day at Riverside Park.  Several speakers presented their own stories about why everyone’s voice is so important.  Local Citizen Action of Wisconsin member Tommy Krob spoke about the unique struggles faced by college students when voting.  Local Citizen Action of Wisconsin leadership team member Amy Dummer spoke about the need for fair elections.

The protest then turned into a march to City Hall and several more speakers.  You can read all about the day’s event here and hereA huge thank you goes out to all the activists and community leaders who came out to demand that every vote is counted!

Members and Friends of the North Central Organizing Co-op Turned Out to Observe the Polls

Citizen Action members and friends did more than just help push turnout in our elections, but many of them volunteered their time and energy at the polls. As poll workers and poll observers throughout various parts of the state. 

Poll observers traveled between each polling site in their communities, to ensure that there weren’t any significant problems. Lastly, some set up tables outside of polling locations to distribute free PPE, pens, water and to assist anyone who had issues voting, or who had questions related to voting.

Thank you so much to all of our members who did so much to make this a smooth election process in the Battleground State of Wisconsin!

The Voters Decided Rally in Milwaukee 

We worked hard, turned out big on Nov. 3 and won Wisconsin! Voters have selected Biden to ensure we can care for our families and move us forward to a better future. It’s time we come together, that the will of the people prevails and Biden is sworn in as President.

The CAW Milwaukee co-op will join community leaders, canvassers, voters, faith leaders and everyone who put their hearts and souls into the Wisconsin victory for music, speakers and fun. We need to have each others’ backs and stay united as we move ahead in our continued fight for healthcare, fair wages, and justice.

COVID-19: Because the health and safety of our community is our top priority, please make sure to attend only if you are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and have not been exposed to someone infected with the virus within the last 14 days. Participants must pledge to adhere to 6ft social distancing rules and wear a mask at all times. These rules will be enforced.

#MyVoteIsEssential #VotersDecide
Saturday, Nov. 7 at 1PM
Zeidler Union Square
301 W Michigan St

For more information visit #VotersDecide or contact Trevonna Sims at [email protected]

Defending Democracy in West Allis

In a municipality adjacent to Milwaukee, West Allis experienced some of the worst lines in Wisconsin.  Ultimately this suburb ended up voting for Joe Biden but in the grand scheme of things, no matter who you vote for, you should not have to wait in line for two hours. This was a serious malfunction of Democracy and we should not accept this as normal.  Every eligible voter deserves an easy and unencumbered access to express their vote.  

Voters were anxious as they spent time in line, unsure if they had the right documents or were at the correct polling location. Our group of volunteers did their part in ensuring voters felt prepared and ready to cast their vote by handing out water, masks, and directing them to the election protection phone number!

Thank you to our Citizen Action Members for volunteering to protect our democracy and ensure every vote was counted!

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on national Pacifica Radio to discuss Joe Biden’s comeback win in Wisconsin, and radical right attempts to challenge the result. Listen here. Pacifica Radio Network has over 200 radio stations affiliates across the U.S.

Citizen Action’s Driftless Area Organizing Co-op received great press coverage this week for leading public demonstrations to protect the vote and defend democracy. See coverage from WIZM Radio La Crosse; and CBS TV 8 La Crosse 

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show election day to project the results and aftermath. Listen here

In case you missed it last week, Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for 60 minutes to discuss the road ahead to real structural reform in Wisconsin and nationally. Listen here..

“All In WINsconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We review this week’s historic election that saw huge turnout nationally, including Wisconsin. We discuss how the blue wave this year was met by an almost equal red wave resulting in some disappointing results down ballot based on expectations buoyed by failed polling and the Trump campaign’s ability to expand its base. We shout out Milwaukee and other cities where Black and Brown communities successfully organized and turned out in large numbers putting Biden over the top. We analyze significant progressive gains in the Milwaukee suburbs that resulted in 2 new state assembly members and some heartbreaking narrow defeats for Emily Siegrist and few other state legislative candidates. The panel previews healthcare reform in a Biden Administration that must contend with a likely GOP U.S. Senate. We close with a call to action to get serious about combating COVID-19 outbreak in Wisconsin and America.

Listen Episode #466
Download Mp3
Press Clips

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