Green Jobs Bill in first 100 days? Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Green Jobs Bill in first 100 days? Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss President Trump’s latest impeachment, shocking new details of his failed insurrection, and the Wisconsin Republicans who are aiding and abetting the violent overthrow of American democracy. We welcome Citizen Action Climate & Equity Director Rafael Smith to discuss a groundbreaking opportunity to pass a large New Deal-style green jobs program (Jobs for Economic Recovery Act) in the first 100 days of the Biden Administration and how you can get involved in making it a reality. The legislation, which has major traction the Senate and House, will put millions of jobless Americans back to work, dramatically improve racial equity and expand opportunity for depressed rural areas. We also dig into Governor Evers’ State of the State speech and new fissures in the Republican state legislature that resulted in Senate Republicans splitting from the Assembly by cutting a deal with the Governor on COVID-19 relief.
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Contact [email protected] to get involved in supporting the Jobs for Economic Recovery Act

Contact your U.S. Senate members in support of Jobs for Economic Recovery Act.
Contact your U.S. House of Representative member in support of Jobs for Economic Recovery Act.


Wisconsin’s House Democrats vote to impeach Trump, Republicans reject move.
Wisconsin Congressional Delegation Votes Along Party Lines on Impeachment.
Evers forecasts his plans for governing beyond COVID.
Tony Evers focuses on unemployment, expanding broadband in State of the State.
Evers, Senate Republicans reach a deal on COVID-19 bill; Measure goes back to Assembly, where leader says GOP will keep fighting.
Coronavirus relief standoff: Evers urges Assembly compromise after Speaker doubles down on original bill.
Gov. Tony Evers To Call Special Session On State Unemployment System: Governor Uses State Of The State Address To Push System Changes, Broadband Funding.
Evers’ Calls Special Session to Overhaul Antiquated Unemployment Insurance System.
Republicans shoot down Evers’ plan to begin overhauling unemployment system.
GOP Balks at Evers’ Special Session on Unemployment.




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