“America needs a Wealth Tax” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

New blockbuster ProPublica research finds the wealthiest Americans pay a true tax rate of only 3.4%. Is America finally ready for a wealth tax? Next, the panel asks on the big question of the day: Can U.S. Senate Democrats get their act together and pass pass bills to protect American democracy? As infrastructure talks with Republicans stall, the only bi-partisanship Congress can muster is behind a nationalist anti-China agenda. Meanwhile horrendous racial disparities in health care access and vaccination access continue despite all the of the lip-service payed to health equity. Does any level of government have the courage to intervene? In the WI Legislature, Republicans look to delay local redistricting a year; and to give back federal Unemployment Insurance money. Meanwhile, a revised estimate of Legislative Republican’s cuts to schools finds it will cost the state $2.3 billion in federal revenue. We close the show by welcoming Peter Rickman from the Milwaukee Area Hospitality and Service Workers union (MASH) to discuss the Justice for Janitors contract campaign launching next Tuesday, June 15th at 3pm in Milwaukee’s Zeidler Park.
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Listen to the 2nd episode of Citizen Action’s new podcast, This is NOT that.


The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax.
A Wealth Tax on Ultra-Millionaires is a Winning Strategy for Democrats.
Senate-Passed Bill Encourages Tech Competition, Especially With China.
Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Health Care Coverage and Access, 2013–2019
COVID-19: Vaccine Data in Wisconsin.
Redistricting for local offices in Wisconsin would be delayed for a year under new legislation.
Maps Are Supposed to be Redrawn This Year. Republicans Want to Delay the Process, Upholding Their Gerrymander.
Redistricting debate begins with a rushed GOP plan in the Legislature.
Lost federal aid for Wisconsin schools under GOP budget action now pegged at $2.3 billion.
Wisconsin lawmakers pass bill that would end extra $300 in unemployment benefits. Evers ‘can’t imagine’ signing it.
Wisconsin Legislature Votes To End Supplemental Unemployment Benefits. Assembly Passes Bill Preventing Local, State Law Enforcement From Confiscating Legally Owned Guns, Ammunition.
Senate approves bill that would cut aid to cities that reduce their police budgets.
Wisconsin Senate votes to limit ballot drop boxes and require paperwork for absentee ballots.

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