The ACA Stands!

The panel learns the news that the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the latest attempt overturn the ACA just as we are beginning to tape this week’s episode. Listen to our immediate reactions and analysis. After digging into the ACA decision, our panel reviews the dreary final week of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee state budget process, including terrible healthcare decisions and the rejection of bipartisan criminal justice reform compromises. The state’s 5 largest school districts tell Republican leaders they’re halting 2021-22 school year planning because of funding uncertainty caused by the draconian state budget cuts to education. Meanwhile Assembly Republicans find time to to target trangendered teens, passing legislation banning transgender athletes from competing in womens sports. We close with a look at the increasing power of the QAnon caucus within Assembly Republicans, including a new push to bring the Arizona vote audit to Wisconsin as part of a plot to declare Donald Trump President. Is Robin Vos losing control of his caucus to the even more radical right?
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