Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, August 13th

Building Back Better, Statewide!

We came together to #BuildBackBetter for all in Wisconsin! Whatever our color, background, or zip code, most of us know that pulling through takes pulling together. During this pandemic, we looked after each other and we turned out in record numbers to electPresident Joe Biden to deliver the relief our families need! On Thursday, July 12th, we came together from Milwaukee to Eau Claire to demand our leaders support #BuildBackBetter for all in Wisconsin!

Thank you to Building Back Together for allowing us to host these incredible events in the community with our friends and local leaders statewide!

Both events are available for streaming: Milwaukee, Eau Claire


Updates from the North Central Region

Two important resolutions have been working their way through committee(s) of the Wausau City Council, and came to the Common Council for a vote on Tuesday, August 10th. The first is the Environmental Justice Resolution, which was initially introduced in the Liberation and Freedom Committee. Then, it went to Public Health and Safety, prior to moving to the Common Council. It was voted 2-9 to be sent back to the Committee. Thank you to everyone who contacted their Alders. What seemed to be the biggest factor that led to it being referred back to the committee, was opposition from the Chamber of Commerce. They feared that there could be unforeseen consequences on economic development, even though nothing in the resolution indicates this. Several Alders stated that they would like to see the resolution be less broad. You can read more about it here.

Citizen Action supports “We Are Wausau”

The “We Are Wausau” resolution, which was initially drafted by Mayor Katie Rosenberg, in response to the controversy surrounding the County’s Community for All resolution. The public comments and emails abounded on this resolution, but ultimately passed the Common Council 9-2. You can read more about this here.

On Thursday, August 12th, the Executive Committee for the Marathon County Board of Supervisors, met at 4:00 pm. The Community for All resolution, that they had voted down at a prior meeting (which they made the NY Times for), was back on the agenda, this time with the wording being changed after the work of a task force of opposing and supporting Supervisors. Those who oppose this, on the more moderate side, oppose the use of the word equity rather than equality in the resolution, and as a result, offered amendments during the meeting. The room had 41 people registered for public comment (some were on the phone/virtual). The majority supported the resolution, but there was still a strong showing of opposition. After much discussion, an amendment was offered that seemed to appease some of the conservative committee members, and it was voted 6-3 to move on to the full Board. 

That will be happening on August 19th at 7:00 pm. If you live in Marathon county, and would like to email the Board voicing your support for this resolution, you can do so here. Members of the North Central Organizing Co-op spoke at both meetings, and some have been involved in the drafting of these resolutions. If you wish to speak to the full board at the meeting, you can attend over the phone. You must register with the Clerk’s office before the meeting starts.

Take Action: Protect the wellness of our Wausau educators and students

“The Wausau Board of Education determined there will be no required masks, no social distancing and no required quarantine of close contacts for the upcoming school year, even though the Delta variant is significantly more contagious and more dangerous for children, many of whom can’t even be vaccinated. The recommendations of the CDC, Wisconsin DHS and DPI include masks for all individuals in buildings, social distancing, and quarantine of close contact. Wausau students and staff deserve a safe learning environment.

Please consider signing this petition and urging others to sign as well! And, remember you can always email your concerns to the board at: [email protected].

Written by North Central WI Co-op member and community leader Tricia Zunker


We’re growing and glowing the Southeastern Co-Op!

The Southeast Wisconsin Co-Op is recruiting a new wave of BIPOC leaders and activists to get involved with local issues. Contact Barbara Cerda, Co-Op Organizer, at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining our team. 


Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos show for a full hour to talk about end games on the big infrastructure budget resolution that cleared the Senate this week. Listen here.

Citizen Action came together in Eau Claire to spread awareness about the Build Back Better Agenda with the support of local leaders, Citizen Action members and staff. Read more about the event here.

“The World is on Fire” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

This week we take on huge issues: the threatening new scientific consensus on the faster than expected warming of the climate; the biggest social legislation since the New Deal advances in the Senate; and the COVID pandemic escalates at an alarming rate among the right-wing anti-vaxers. We also touch on the escalating threat to democracy, the retirement of Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind, and the latest on America’s worst Senator, Wisconsin’s own Ron Johnson.

Listen Now

Membership Recruitment Drive!

From the Driftless Co-Op to the North Side Rising Co-Op we are actively welcoming new members! Become a member of Citizen Action of Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative and collaborate with community members, local elected officials, and statewide organizations to build a more equitable and progressive Wisconsin for all to call home.

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