“Supreme Injustice” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We are joined by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin president and CEO, Tanya Atkinson, to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court court’s midnight assault on Roe v. Wade, which rendered abortion illegal in the second largest state and may reach Wisconsin in 2022. We head into Labor Day Weekend with guest Laura Dresser, the lead researcher for the Center On Wisconsin Strategies (COWS) on their annual State of Working Wisconsin report released this week. Our panel also discusses WEAC’s call for vaccine and mask mandates in Wisconsin schools in the face of a wave of violence against educators and public health leaders by anti-mask and anti-vax protesters. Finally the empire is striking back in Congress, as a united corporate America unleashes a massive lobbying and advertising blitz against President Biden’s visionary Build Back Better agenda. Can the newly united Democrats stand up to the pressure?


Learn more about Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin.

Read the 2021 State of Working Wisconsin report from Center On Wisconsin Strategies.

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