This is NOT that Podcast: “Bad Policy Equals Death”


It has been two decades since 9/11. In this episode, we reflect on where we were and what was going on leading up to the events of 9/11, and the “bad policies” implemented following 9/11. How have things changed? What are the various after effects, and how have they impacted our lives? The team also pays tribute to Michael K. Williams and how “bad policies” are linked to his passing. What happens after a strategy has lingering impacts, and without having the difficult conversations, we find ourselves on repeat.


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Meet the “This is NOT that” Panel, Milwaukee Grown.

Rafael Smith leads civic engagement for Citizen Action of Wisconsin with a focus on climate and health equity in Milwaukee’s North Side, through his recent launch of North Side Rising Organizing Co-Op. Rafael Smith has led the early conversations around climate equity in Milwaukee and the priority to launch a Green New Deal at both a state and national level!

JoAnna Bautch is a leading voice in Wisconsin Movement Politics. From supporting emerging leaders who have shown the desire and values of being movement leaders in the political sector to launching her own campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly. JoAnna values a political system that is people-centered and focuses on changing structures of inequity.

Isiah Holmes, an investigative reporter with the Wisconsin Examiner, is committed to bringing you FACTS. Isaiah has led the documentation around policing in Wauwatosa and is a part of the bigger conversation of police brutality on both a local and national level.

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