Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, December 17th

Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, December 17th

Friday, December 17th

Thanks to everyone who attended the Citizen Action’s Annual Meeting

Last Saturday, Citizen Action of Wisconsin held our Annual Member Meeting. Over 50 members, leaders, and staff from around the state gathered virtually to celebrate, give out 2021 member awards, and preview 2022!

State Representative Supreme Moore-Omokunde was presented with the Cavanaugh Award for organizing and Doctor Mark Neumann won the Linda and Gene Farley Award for healthcare activism. Also congratulations to our 8 Rising Leader Award winners and the 3 Movement Politics Award winners for 2021.

WATCH the Annual Meeting.

Thanks to all our members for making Citizen Action of Wisconsin strong!

Citizen Action and UW-LaCrosse students rally in support of Climate 

Citizen Action joined UW-LaCrosse students, faculty, and community members this Monday to urge the university to create a greater climate action plan. Multiple speakers cited the devastation in Kentucky, and surrounding states last week, as a reason for more action from university, local, and state officials.

“We’ve had enough,” UW-L student Abby Siakpere said. “Climate action plans should have already been drafted, approved and implemented, because the research has already been one. Actions speak louder than words, and leaders, this is your time to take action,” she aid. “Do something.”

The event was well covered by local media.

Read some of the stories.

Have Coffee with an Organizer!

Let’s chat and change the world. Ok, maybe that’s a bit ambitious but let’s meet so we can get to know you more.  What shapes your worldview? Did you grow up in a union home? Were you hurt by bad policy?  Did your profession show you a system that is inadequate?

Did you suffer a personal loss that woke you up?  We want to know more about you and we are really good listeners. Connect with us at [email protected].

The Healthcare for All Co-op is Looking for Prescription Drug stories. 

Do you take insulin or even an expensive asthma inhaler every month? Then we need to speak to you.

Help us fight big Pharma and their plan to dig further into our pockets. Undoubtedly, their greed has killed people as these medications become more and more unaffordable for many.

They are the top lobbying sector in Washington D.C. and the only way to fight for what is right, is to speak up. Talk to us.

Email our healthcare for all co-op organizer at [email protected].

Citizen Action hosts Climate Justice Webinar in the Fox Valley

Our Northeast Co-op Citizen Action along with our partners at Wisconsin Conservation Voters and ESTHER-Fox Valley hosted a webinar on how local actions can have a huge impact in the fight for climate justice. No matter the color of our skin or the amount of money we make, we all deserve a country that’s cleaner and fairer. We want a future where our communities are thriving, where our families are whole and earn a good living, and where the land, air, and water we depend on are healthy and beautiful. Rather than wait for national officials to act, we can lead the fight against climate change right in our own communities! This vision of tackling climate change from the ground up means making an otherwise abstract and overwhelming challenge, more tangible and manageable.

If you missed it, you can rewatch the entire webinar by clicking here!

If you live in the City of Appleton, you can also sign our petition asking the City Council to support the recommendations of the Climate Change Task Force.

Citizen Action in the News 

Citizen Action’s Rally for Climate Action at the UW-La Crosse got wall-to-wall news coverage in the region. See stories from CBS TV 8 La Crosse; NBC TV 13 Eau Claire; ABC TV 19 La Crosse; La Crosse Tribune;  and WIZM Radio La Crosse.

Citizen Action’s Director Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show for a full hour to debate the impasse holding up President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Listen here.

LISTEN to “Robin Vos shamelessly blames hospitals for bed shortage” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We lead this week with the passing of the latest COVID milestone of over 800,000 deaths. Is this an omen of human toll that awaits us in the coming Omicron surge? There is no doubt that Republican politics are making the pandemic much worse. This week, shamelessly playing to the know-nothing Trump base, Assembly Majority Leader Robin Vos blamed Wisconsin hospitals for the bed shortage because they are requiring their workers to be vaccinated. Next, our panel updates the Build Back Better debate in the U.S. Senate. Is the most sweeping social and economic reform in half a century dead or merely stalled? Also, as the Senate Parliamentarian prepares to strip the immigrant rights provisions of Build back Better,  Voces de la Frontera and allies stage a series of protests. In a rare showing of Republican courage and regard for the truth, State Sen. Kathy Bernier makes national news by taking a stand against Robin Vos and his “big lie” henchman, disgraced former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. In Democratic Party news, State Representative Gordon Hintz announces he will step down as Assembly Minority Leader. Who will replace him and what are the implications for 2022 and beyond? Finally, we shout out the UW-LaCrosse students and community leaders who held a successful event Monday urging serious university action on the climate crisis.


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