“Does 2022 have 2020 vision?” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast  

“Does 2022 have 2020 vision?” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast  

Welcome to 2022, as COVID rages through Wisconsin and the country, we discuss escalating infection and hospitalization rates, as our deranged U.S. Senator draws national ridicule (again) for his bizarre comments on the vaccine and religion. Our panel talks about the ongoing tragedy of the stalled TRIPS vaccination waiver at the WTO, which is putting Big Pharma windfall profits over vaccinating the world. Is Ron Kind one of the Democrats siding with Big Pharma against public health and safety? We reflect on the 1 year anniversary of the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and President Biden’s blistering critique of Trump and the Republicans for their conspiracy against democracy. Congressional Democrats look to finally pass a voting right bill, can they get through the objections of Senator Manchin and Sinema? Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans introduce a bill to nullify elections, and continue to double down on their sham election investigation. Green Bay mayor Eric Genrich is pushing back and asking a judge to punish disgraced election investigator Michael Gableman for his bullying and lies.


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