“Defending democracy, defeating violence” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Speaker Vos is found in contempt of court for failing to turn over records related to his sham 2020 election “investigation.” Will the political boss of the State Assembly comply with the court order to comply with Wisconsin’s open records laws? We have an exclusive interview with Eau Claire school board president Tim Nordin about the right wing attacks on school board members, and the death threat against him that is making national and international news. Claire tells us why COVID boosters were authorized for Americans 50+ while the world continues to wait for a World Trade Organization waiver to allow the production of affordable COVID vaccines. We call out Congressional inaction on expiring Affordable Care Act subsidies that could impact the healthcare of 14 million Americans weeks before the critical November elections. Can the Democrats summon the unity to fulfill their campaign promises to make health care more affordable and to prevent a political catastrophe at the polls? We close discussing Sen. Baldwin’s fight to protect Kohl’s workers from the looming threat of vulture capitalists seeking to dismantle a profitable company.

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