Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, May 13th

Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, May 13th

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Make Meds Affordable

The Citizen Action Healthcare for All organizing co-op is gearing up to throw down over the price of prescription drugs. In the United States, prescription drug corporations continue to raise the already-outrageous prices of medicines. Households face impossible decisions, such as whether to buy groceries or to pay for a prescription. In fact, one in four Americans reports rationing a medication due to cost. Communities of color disproportionately bear this suffering

It’s time to break some norms and the Healthcare for All team, along with other progressive organizations across the country are calling for President Biden and HHS Secretary Bacerra to use existing law to authorize price-cutting generic competition.

Such a step can decrease cost while increasing supply of a drug. Eight in ten voters support breaking patent monopolies to reduce drug prices. Our recently published roadmap provides more details about the options available to Sec. Becerra and the Biden administration.

Are you or anyone you know, struggling with the cost of prescription drugs? Contact Karen, our healthcare for all, organizer [email protected].

Care over Cost

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders re-introduced his Medicare for All legislation this week to restart the national conversation around a single payer system. Insurance companies are charging more yet covering less and that burden is impacting people. The Healthcare for All Co-op is launching a Care over Cost campaign which is looking for people that were denied care by their insurance companies.

Do you need an MRI but can’t get it approved, are you having difficulty with a prescription drug approval, is a needed surgery being delayed? Many people are unaware of how much their coverage has eroded until they need to use it. This campaign is about helping people repeal those insurance company rejections while raising up these stories to call attention to the predatory nature of this business.

Every Monday we are setting up co-op members and anyone interested to help text in support of this campaign so please join us. It’s a very interesting script that engages people. You can sign up here!

Attend People’s Action Movement Politics 2022 Campaign Leadership School, May 19th – 22nd

The purpose of the People’s Action Campaign Leadership School (CLS) is to give aspiring candidates, staffers, organizers and member leaders the tools they need to craft movement oriented winning electoral campaigns that build the base of our member organizations. This training will challenge participants on conventional approaches to campaigning and Power, ground them in our theory of change and historical framework and build their campaigning and base building skills.

The training will take place virtually over zoom. Registration link is here!

REGISTER by Monday, May 16th, midnight.


  • Thursday May 19; 5:30-8pm CST
  • Friday May 20; 5:30-9pm CST
  • Saturday May 21; 11a-4pm CST
  • Sunday May 22; 11a-5pm CST

This training is four days and the content builds upon itself. We expect that participants attend all four days of the training

Learn more about Campaign Leadership School and register.

Citizen Action Southeast Organizing Coop Election Party

Thanks to all the members and elected officials who attended our Spring election celebration of important victories, like Juan Miguel Martinez who spoke at the event. Get involved in our Fall Election program, contact; [email protected]

RSVP for Citizen Action Brewfest 2022! Wednesday, June 22nd, 6pm, Milwaukee Office.

Save the Date: Wausau Climate Action Plan meeting, Wednesday, June 1st, 6pm

On Wednesday, June 1st, at 6 pm, join members and friends of the North Central Organizing Co-op in the Community Room of the Marathon County Public Library, to discuss ways to get a climate action plan created and implemented in Wausau. If we can get this done here, perhaps it can be done in other municipalities as well.

A climate action plan commits to being 100% carbon neutral by 2050 (or sooner), and lays out the details on how that will be accomplished. Resolutions and climate action plans like this have already been passed in Eau Claire and Menominee, and now we believe we can do so in Wausau! Come learn more about climate action plans and how you can help us reach our goal!

Citizen Action in the news

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Coop member and Crawford Stewardship Project coordinator Forest Jahnke appeared in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Wisconsin Examiner discussing the DNR ruling allowing the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO over the objections of residents.

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Coop member William Garcia wrote an excellent op-ed in the Wisconsin Examiner telling his healthcare story and advocating for the Affordable Care Act. It takes bravery, honesty, and vulnerability to be able to tell your own story but you can use it to create real change in your community.

Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show, where he got into a vehement debate over whether Monday morning quarterbacking Joe Biden’s strategies was a useful way to build progressive power and beat back the threat to democracy from the right. Listen here.

“Primary season” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We take stock on this week’s horrific milestone of 1 million U.S. COVID deaths, so far. What does it say about the country and what does it portend for the future? Primary elections have started across the country and we look at the role of Donald Trump in the elections. What does it mean for the prospects for American democracy? Robert discusses lessons for Wisconsin learned from Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Does Fetterman offer a blueprint for WI Senate candidates, or not? We discuss the strange role of health care in the 2022 elections. In addition to the now life and death abortion issue, Ron Johnson keeps flip flopping on ACA repeal, and passing a death sentence for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. What is going on, and does health care offer a pathway for Democratic victory in November? We close with a teaser on exciting new climate and structural racism legislation that will be introduced in early June in Wisconsin.

Listen now!

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