Citizen Action Weekly
Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, June 3rd

Citizen Action Weekly; Friday, June 3rd

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Citizen Action North Central Organizing Co-op Climate Action Plan Meeting

For the better part of a year, the Sustainability Committee for the City of Wausau has been discussing the creation of a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution. Approximately 6 months ago, members of Citizen Action asked this committee to consider committing and working to develop a Climate Action Plan for the City of Wausau. The Climate Action Plan will commit to a goal of 100% renewable energy by the year 2040. Two other municipalities in WI have created similar plans: Menominie and Eau Claire.

On Wednesday, June 1st, members and friends of the North Central Organizing Co-op, came together at the Marathon County Public Library, to learn more about what a Climate Action Plan is, and then broke out into groups where all were asked: 1. How does climate change impact you personally? 2. Why is it critical that we take action on climate change? And, 3. What more should governments do to address climate change?

We had over 40 attendees, and had some great speakers. Member of the NC Climate Issue Team (among other groups), Dan Barth gave a personal story about how he switched to renewable energy and set the tone for why it is important for us to act right now. District 3 Alder, Tom Kilian, spoke about what it took for this same committee to get an environmental justice resolution passed in the City of Wausau last year. Lastly, at-large Eau Claire Alder Kate Beaton, spoke about her experiences working and organizing to help get the Menomonie and Eau Claire Climate Action Plans passed.

Folks left the meeting feeling positive and eager to help. And you can help too! Right now, being willing to email and/or attend relevant Committee meetings or Council meetings will be very helpful. We also have an online petition that will be delivered to the City Council when the time is right. Please sign that and share (more powerful if these are signed by Wausau residents). Lastly, contact your Organizer, Joel Lewis at 715-551-2525 or [email protected] to get more involved.

Attend Citizen Action’s 3rd CD Candidate Virtual Forum,
Next Wednesday, June 8th, 7pm. RSVP here 

Citizen Action Healthcare for All Co-op talks to Tammy Baldwin’s Office about Prescription Drug Reform

Senator Tammy Baldwin has long been a champion on this issue so recently the co-op reached out to her office to ask her to consider some options in lowering drug prices. People are making hard choices right now as prices continue to rise.  Let’s be clear, this has long been the case for years the Pharmaceutical industry has been raising prices well beyond inflation with no accountability or guardrails. It’s up to us to advocate for ourselves and demand that we make medications affordable.

Almost every other advanced country plays a central role in keeping medications affordable and there is no good reason why we can’t do the same.  Join us in this work as we are also plugged into a national network that is on board with great actions and strategy. If we work together we can make a difference. You can email [email protected] to be involved.

Thank you to Tammy and staff for listening and treating us so well.

Tell us your story: We are looking for healthcare denials

Karen, our healthcare co-op organizer, is on  the case and sleuthing for people that have been turned down for care by their insurance company. Has your insurance company ever denied you a much needed CAT scan, a drug or treatment, a surgery or even a screening test like a colonoscopy? Karen would love to speak to you and has some resources at her disposal to help you fight these denials.

Email her at [email protected].

RSVP for Citizen Action Brewfest 2022! Wednesday, June 22nd, 6pm, Milwaukee Office.

Join us as we take an evening to celebrate! We’ll be giving our first ever Democracy Defenders Awards to two Milwaukeeans who have courageously stood against the right-wing conspiracy to end multiracial democracy in America.

There will be refreshments and hors d’oeuvres! We’ll have a variety of craft and union-made beers, and of course wine and soft-drinks too! Take the time to go out this summer for catching up with old friends, meeting new activists and leaders, and the inspiration to carry on the fight for justice.

Join North Side Rising on June 11th at 12:30pm – 2:00pm to talk about solutions to Reckless Driving that work to address the climate crisis.

Reckless driving is a huge issue on the Northside of Milwaukee and the entire city. It turns out that there is a good way to address the issue that does not use the punitive criminal justice system, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Complete Streets proposal which was recently developed by the Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate & Economic Equity would also create streets which are much safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, and reduce greenhouse emissions. Please join us at a community meeting to discuss this exciting opportunity.


Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Church
4809 N 60th St
Milwaukee, WI 53218

Citizen Action in the news

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show to discuss the biggest threat to democracy: the Democrats inability to pass their own agenda in a Congress they control.

Listen here 

“Policing police and school libraries” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome guest panelist Isiah Holmes, an award-winning journalist from the Wisconsin Examiner, for an extended conversation focused on recent revelations on police accountability and mounting book censorship. We discuss the news that no charges will be filed against Police Officer Joseph Mensah in the fatal shooting of Jay Anderson. This came despite a botched investigation that led Judge Yamahiro to conclude that major mistakes were made in the  investigation. We also dive into Isiah’s article that looked into a coordinated and shameful witch hunt by Republican state legislators to ban supposedly “objectionable” books in school libraries. We close with a well-organized Republican National Committee scheme to recruit and train armies of poll workers to disrupt elections from inside the process and cause chaos at Democratic-leaning precincts, setting up frivolous grounds for overturning the will of the voters. The strategy is live in Battleground Michigan, is Battleground Wisconsin next?

Listen to the show!
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