“Corporate media undermines democracy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Corporate media undermines democracy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the corrosive election coverage by corporate media giant Gannett and its paper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which punishes candidates for being honest and authentic about controversial issues, such as the role of structural racism in American history. Will the endless media thirst for click bait, and the shameless racial division fomented by GOP candidates and campaign operatives, harm the electoral prospects of the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary front runner Mandela Barnes?

Is there a chance Congress could finally pass a Budget Reconciliation bill this summer which contains elements of President Biden’s stalled domestic agenda? We talk about the apparent deal Senate Democrats made this week on prescription drug price negotiations that could mean a final bill is just around the corner. We discuss the anticipation for this Friday’s historic January 6th Investigation testimony from former White House Counsel Patrick Cipollone. Will it be Donald Trump’s John Dean moment? In Wisconsin, the Supreme Court deals a significant blow to open records and one of Republicans running for Governor debate going after legal emergency contraception.

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