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Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, July 8th – Sunday, July 10th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, July 8th – Sunday, July 10th

Protect Democracy, Tax Billionaires Day of Action, Wednesday, July 14th  

Wednesday, July 14th is our day of action in support of President Biden’s reconciliation bill which is back on the table. There is likely to be an active debate about the details of the policy so we need to show up to ensure that the idea of taxing the ultra wealthy stays in the bill.

As you know, without the new revenue from making the rich and corporations pay additional taxes, we’re not likely to be able to get other things in the package that we really need–including the extension of ACA subsidies for millions of people who face rising premiums and/or loss of coverage if Congress takes no action. You can read Citizen Action member Chrysa Ostenso’s op-ed about how these subsidies helped her family.

We need to tax billionaires because they should pay what they owe and be subject to the same rules as those of us who work for a living. Billionaires increased their wealth by over 7% ($2 trillion) in the last two years while paying lower tax rates than teachers and firefighters. Congress must increase taxes on corporations and the ultra-wealthy in the upcoming reconciliation package. The concentrated wealth of a handful of super rich people leaves our democracy vulnerable to influence of the worst kind.

Please call your member of Congress and your Senators to voice your support for this idea.  In addition, join and share our social media posts from that day to help bring awareness to this issue.

DNR publishes final approval of the Roth Feeder Pig II proposal.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources published their final approval of the Roth Feeder Pig II proposal on May 6. Notably, no additional conditions were added to the permits, despite 1200 public comments asking for additional protections. A formal request for an Environmental Impact Statement was filed and supported by a petition of over 200 local landowners and residents and a letter signed by 48 organizations from the local to regional levels, including Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

This, if permitted by the county, will allow Roth Feeder Pig – already Crawford County’s only Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) housing over 1000 “animal units” – to build new facilities and expand their operation into the largest hog CAFO in the state. Both Marietta Township and Crawford County implemented CAFO Moratoria and received large volumes of public input, largely in opposition to this proposal, since Roth Feeder Pig decided to build a new and expanded facility. There were study committees and reports, but no action was taken based on their recommendations.

WE STILL HAVE TIME TO ACT! We are now at the final step in the permitting process:

The Crawford County Land Conservation Committee will hold a public hearing on July 12th from 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. in Suite 236 of the Crawford County Administration Building, 225 N Beaumont, Prairie du Chien Wisconsin.

The purpose of this hearing is to receive public testimony and comment on the issuance of a livestock siting permit for Roth Feeder Pig II, Harvest Lane, Wauzeka, WI. Public input will be used by the County in making its final decision on the application. Online or phone attendance will be possible for the first 100 people who register, and we have heard that virtual attendees will speak after those physically present.

If attending virtually you must register by 12:00 p.m. on Monday July 11th, 2022.

If not attending the public hearing, but wish to provide input, you can submit your comments to County Conservationist, Dave Troester. Or mail to the Crawford County Land Conservation Department, Suite 230, Crawford County Administration Building, 225 N Beaumont, Prairie du Chien, WI, 58321.

Written comments will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. Monday July 11th so the county officials can receive them before the public hearing. We encourage submitting your written comments, even if you’re planning to speak. Visit for more information and suggested talking points. More questions? Wish to coordinate to ensure all the relevant points get covered? Please contact the CSP Program Coordinator: Forest Jahnke 608-632-2183 [email protected]

Land once slated for power plants conserved on Chippewa River

Last week, Northwestern Co-op Citizen Action members joined a celebration at the Tyrone Overlook on the Lower Chippewa River, 20 miles southwest of Eau Claire, to celebrate Landmark Conservancy acquiring 364 acres known as the Meridean Barrens. It is a success story for local conservationists and renewable energy advocates, because the land was slated for a nuclear power plant in the 1970s and later a coal plant in the 2000s. Citizens stepped up to stop the plants, and then preserve the land from development, including a section of the Chippewa River State Trail. The land was purchased from Xcel Energy for $1.2 million with the help of state and federal agencies. Preston Cole (pictured above), Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of National Resources, was one of many speakers on hand to recognize the significance of the land and its biodiversity that includes 125 rare species.

Attend Citizen Action Driftless Coop “Summer Party” in La Crosse July 16th.

Saturday, July 16, 2022 1:00 PM –  4:00 PM

Join your fellow progressive activists for our annual, summer fundraising party!  This is your chance to party with other progressive leaders and activists, hang out and enjoy the beach vibe and free beverages, learn more about our movement and enjoy a summer afternoon in beautiful La Crosse Wisconsin! Invite your progressive friends to come so that we can bring them into our activism as well.

One of our very own member leaders will be hosting this event at their house! To protect their home the address will be sent out after you RSVP. RSVP IS NEEDED IN ORDER TO ATTEND. Beverages will be on the house. Please bring a dish to pass, consider vegan! Dress is beachwear. This is going to be a family friendly event so bring the little ones…it’s never too soon to teach your children how to fight for a better tomorrow!

There is a suggested donation of $25.  Your donation will help us fund Driftless progressive victories in November!

There will be a major announcement about the future of the Driftless Co-op.  You are not going to want to miss this!

Join a Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative during our July membership drive.

Join The Sierra Club and Citizen Action for an important documentary about the Plastic Crisis

Humanity has created over 8,000,000 tons of plastic.  Only 10% of that plastic has been recycled.  Our oceans, our land, our rivers, our lakes and even our own bodies are filled with plastics.  In order to protect our planet’s future we must do everything we can to put the plastics industry out of business.  That’s why July is recognized as Plastics Free Month!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the Coulee Region Sierra Club are hosting a very special free screening and discussion about the documentary “The Story of Plastic“.

In order to watch and join you will need to first register HERE.  Then you can watch the film on your own time (you will be given a link to the free screener.  Then on July 19th at 7:00 PM we will be hosting a very special Zoom conference to discuss the film and plan our actions to tackle the plastics crisis.

Sign up NOW to join the conversation and help ramp up the fight against plastics pollution!

Volunteer to make calls for Mandela Barnes, Wednesday, July 13th, 5-8pm

Listen to “Corporate media undermines democracy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the corrosive election coverage by corporate media giant Gannett and its paper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which punishes candidates for being honest and authentic about controversial issues, such as the role of structural racism in American history. Will the endless media thirst for click bait, and the shameless racial division fomented by GOP candidates and campaign operatives, harm the electoral prospects of the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary front runner Mandela Barnes?

Is there a chance Congress could finally pass a Budget Reconciliation bill this summer which contains elements of President Biden’s stalled domestic agenda? We talk about the apparent deal Senate Democrats made this week on prescription drug price negotiations that could mean a final bill is just around the corner. We discuss the anticipation for this Friday’s historic January 6th Investigation testimony from former White House Counsel Patrick Cipollone. Will it be Donald Trump’s John Dean moment? In Wisconsin, the Supreme Court deals a significant blow to open records and one of Republicans running for Governor debate going after legal emergency contraception.

Listen to the show!

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