“Send Darrin Madison to Madison” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Send Darrin Madison to Madison” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Darrin Madison, Citizen Action’s endorsed candidate for State Assembly District 10, to discuss his important primary election on August 9th and his vision for structural change in Wisconsin. Our panel reviews Ron Johnson’s odd week. He floated the idea of making Social Security and Medicare vulnerable to cuts or cancellation if not passed by Congress annually, and flip flopped twice on marriage equality. Is this good politics, or is Johnson now completely out of touch with Wisconsin voters? We update progress on President Biden’s domestic agenda, major advances on climate, health care costs, and tax fairness. The bill, which is called the Inflation Reduction Act, faces one remaining conservative Democratic hurdle, now that Manchin is on board, Kyrsten Sinema demands protecting a particularly sleazy tax break for the rich in return for her support. Since our last show, Sarah Godlewski dropped out of the U.S. Senate primary election, clearing the path for Mandela Barnes’ primary election victory. We also discuss what the overwhelming defeat of anti-Abortion forces in Kansas portend for the midterms?

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Watch new Citizen Action video exposing how Sen. Ron Johnson fights hard for billionaires. Follow the money and you’ll find that Sen. Johnson is in it for himself and his wealthy donors.

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Volunteer for GOTV Door Canvass for Mandela Barnes this weekend!

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