Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, August 5th – Sunday, August 7th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, August 5th – Sunday, August 7th

Citizen Action is hiring an organizer for the Driftless Organizing Cooperative.

TAKE ACTION TODAY: U.S. Senate to vote on Inflation Reduction Act tomorrow!

Contact Sen. Johnson and Baldwin in support.

Thursday night, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema agreed to support the Inflation Reduction Act (the latest version of Build Back Better.) The U.S. Senate will likely vote tomorrow!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is calling on Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to support the bill, which would make historic investments in our economy, climate, health care and middle class.

Both Senators need to hear from you now!


Get Out The Vote Door Canvass for Mandela Barnes this weekend!

Green Bay information and RSVP; contact: [email protected]
Eau Claire information and RSVP; contact: [email protected]
Wausau information and RSVP; contact: [email protected]
Milwaukee information and RSVP; contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

We are COVID compliant!  Masks and sanitizer will be available.

Watch and Share new Citizen Action video exposing how Sen. Ron Johnson fights hard for billionaires, not the Rest of us. 

Citizen Action of Wisconsin released a new video this week narrated by U.S. Representative Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee). The video spotlights two billionaire donors who spent $20 million to reelect Senator Ron Johnson in 2016, and received an $80 million tax break negotiated by Johnson as part of the Trump-GOP tax cut legislation. The special interest tax break also benefits Senator Johnson personally.

Watch the video here. It has a been viewed by over 39,000 people.

“It is not every day that a U.S. Senator is caught red-handed rigging the tax code in favor of billionaires who bankrolled his reelection, but Ron Johnson was caught in the act,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “If Ron Johnson believes it is appropriate to spend millions in public revenue to aid himself and his billionaire benefactors, how can we ever trust him to speak up for hard working working and middle class Wisconsinites?”

Citizen Action urges Wisconsinites who want our Senators to represent the economic interests of the middle and working class, rather billionaire donors and greedy corporate interests, to share this video with the hashtag #SenatorForSale!

Citizen Action attends SEIU protest at Sen. Ron Johnson’s office.

Citizen Action was involved in protests of Senator Ron Johnson’s plan to force Social Security and Medicare to pass Congress annually, subjecting it to massive cuts or even being cut off entirely. Events were held in Madison and Milwaukee.

Citizen Action in the news

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the new UpNorthNews Radio Show this week. It is broadcast on progressive radio stations (such as Bull Falls Radio in Wausau WXCO 98.9 FM & 1230 AM), on-line, and on major podcast platforms. Listen to Hour 1 on August 3rd Here.

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show (WAUK Radio 540 AM Waukesha/Milwaukee) for the full hour to discuss Mandela Barnes’ emergence, a new Citizen Action video on Ron Johnson’s giveaways for billionaire donors, and more. Listen here.

Listen to “Send Darrin Madison to Madison” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Darrin Madison, Citizen Action’s endorsed candidate for State Assembly District 10, to discuss his important primary election on August 9th and his vision for structural change in Wisconsin. Our panel reviews Ron Johnson’s odd week. He floated the idea of making Social Security and Medicare vulnerable to cuts or cancellation if not passed by Congress annually, and flip flopped twice on marriage equality. Is this good politics, or is Johnson now completely out of touch with Wisconsin voters? We update progress on President Biden’s domestic agenda, major advances on climate, health care costs, and tax fairness. The bill, which is called the Inflation Reduction Act, faces one remaining conservative Democratic hurdle, now that Manchin is on board, Kyrsten Sinema demands protecting a particularly sleazy tax break for the rich in return for her support. Since our last show, Sarah Godlewski dropped out of the U.S. Senate primary election, clearing the path for Mandela Barnes’ primary election victory. We also discuss what the overwhelming defeat of anti-Abortion forces in Kansas portend for the midterms?

Listen to the show.

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