#SENATORFORSALE Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

#SENATORFORSALE Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss how self-interested billionaires are dominating the critical U.S. Senate contest, reflecting on the news that Diane Hendricks has so far given $16 million and Richard Uihlein $20 million to pro-Johnson Super PAC. The dark money group is running trashy and racist ads against Mandela Barnes. Similar ads by the WI GOP and other dark money groups have prompted the NAACP to file an FCC complaint over the racist ads and call on Broadcast corporations to refuse to air them. With billionaires setting agenda for voters, does Wisconsin still really have one person one vote?. Meanwhile in the equally toxic Governor’s race, Tim Michels flip flops on abortion as he schemes to break up DNR and Milwaukee Public Schools. We discuss a proposed merger in the grocery industry that will only make higher food prices worse and Robert debriefs a rally last week against a proposed We Energies rate increase and the energy burden it places on low income families, especially communities of color. We close with progressive economist, Dr. Michael Rosen, to discuss a likely Federal Reserve rate increase. Will the move spark a recession on the backs of the most vulnerable workers, particularly African- Americans? We dig into other potential other options available to President Biden, at a time when Congress has abdicated its responsibility to make economic policy.

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