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New Citizen Action Video: Ron Johnson Does not Represent Us #SenatorForSale

New Citizen Action Video: Ron Johnson Does not Represent Us #SenatorForSale

Citizen Action just released a NEW VIDEO that uses Ron Johnson’s own words to reveal who he really works for in the Senate.

We need your help to spread it to as many voters as possible in this critical closing week!

As a grassroots organization, we don’t have big money to buy pricey TV ads.

Greedy corporations and billionaires don’t want to lose Ron Johnson as their rubber stamp in the Senate. That’s why they are bankrolling tens of millions of dollars in racially coded ads slandering Mandela Barnes.

But Organized people can match the power of organized money when we all pull together and do our part. That’s how in the African Proverb the Ants defeat the elephant.

If hundreds of Citizen Action members and supporters share this video to their email lists, and post it on their social media feeds, the video will reach tens of thousands of voters

This race is too close to call. If we all lean-in this last week, Mandela Barnes could be our next U.S. Senator.  If we can do that, Wisconsin will have done its part to shift the balance of power in Washington.

Please RSVP to volunteer the final week with Citizen Action talking to critically important voters who may or may NOT vote.

If you can’t volunteer please donate to support our Get Out The Vote program.

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