Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, November 18th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, November 18th

Election 2022 RECAP: What Happened? What’s Next?

We had a great time this Wednesday evening celebrating the work that was done during the 2022 election cycle! Folks from around the state and county joined us as we looked back on this cycle with joy, pride, and gratefulness.

Our goal was to have a fun evening, and for everyone to leave with a sense of hope. We know this cycle brought some heartbreak, and we are just so proud of all our staff, volunteers, and candidates!

Some next steps:


RSVP for Citizen Action State Supreme Court Forum, January 11th, 7pm

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a virtual State Supreme Court forum on January 11th, 2023 at 7pm for all Democratic and progressive State Supreme Court candidates!

The State Supreme Court is the next key race in getting Wisconsin back on track, including stronger and more representative maps and ensuring fair voting practices around the state. When we win this race in 2023, we will FLIP the makeup of the court to a liberal, pro-voting rights, anti-gerrymandering majority! LET’S DO THIS!

RSVP now!

We MUST fix our rigged tax system & tax the ultra-rich!

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show to debrief the Wisconsin midterm election, and the narrow loss by Mandala Barnes.

Listen here (34 minute mark on video).

Wisconsin Watch did an excellent story on the We Energies rate increase which forces even more unaffordable rates on low income communities of color under the fig leaf that We Energies needs the money for a clean energy transition. Citizen Action is part of the coalition opposing the rate increase, which is led by Walnut Way.

Read it here.

Listen to “Split Decision” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast.

As the 2022 election results continue to come in, the voters deliver a split decision. We continue our analysis of the election and what it portends for governing and the future of democracy. We look at why inflation didn’t kill Democrats in the election and how Biden’s policies played a role in midterm success, even if not fully understood by pollsters and the media. We celebrate Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s masterful effort to shepherd a bi-partisan Same sex marriage codification through the U.S. Senate, protecting marriage rights for millions of Americans from Trumpist judges. In Wisconsin, we preview 2023’s state budget battle between the winner of the popular vote, Governor Tony Evers, and an illegitimate gerrymandered Legislature. In addition, we assess the developing civil war between MAGA election denier Rep. Janel Brandtjen and Speaker Robin Vos, who expelled Brandtjen from the Assembly GOP caucus. We close by previewing the pivotal 2023 Supreme Court Election next April. Citizen Action is hosting a Supreme Court candidate forum featuring the progressive candidates on Wednesday, January 11th, 7pm.

Listen to the NEW show!

RSVP for Citizen Action’s Supreme Court Candidate Forum, Wednesday, January 11th, 7pm.

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