“Thankful” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

“Thankful” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We are thankful for our listeners this holiday season. We appreciate your support for over a decade. This week the gerrymandered leaders of the State Legislature said they wanted to cut taxes for the wealthy, including Republican Senate Majority Leader Devon LeMahieu calling for a regressive flat tax that economists found will cut taxes for the top 3% and raise taxes for everyone making $25,000 – $300,000.

This gerrymandered legislature must be stopped!
We are calling on you this week to donate to our newly launched 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund to win the historically important election that will determine if we can overturn the gerrymandered election maps choking democracy in Wisconsin. DONATE NOW to our Supreme Court Action Fund. Every dollar donated goes directly to support our “deep canvass” field program talking directly to important spring election voters.

Listen now!

Volunteer to talk to voters for the 2023 Supreme Court Election.

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