Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, November 25th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, November 25th

Attend Citizen Action’s Virtual Annual Meeting, Sat. Dec.10th, 10am – Noon

Citizen Action members and supporters from around the state are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Member Meeting on December 10th at 10am for a review of our collective accomplishments in 2022, a preview of the 2023 Organizing Revival, and to get engaged to lead the way on the change we need.

  • Annual Citizen Action Board Elections (members only)
  • 2022 Year in Review presented by Robert Kraig, Executive Director
  • 2022 Election Review presented by Priscilla Bort, Movement Politics Director
  • Regional Co-op Updates
  • 2023 Preview presented by Robert Kraig and Priscilla Bort
  • 2023 Organizing Revival and Leadership Training presented by Kate Felton, Organizing Director
  • Member to Member Social – meet other members from across the state, build relationships, learn from each other, and make new commitments in 2023.


Citizen Action preparing to GO BIG in the 2023 Supreme Court race!
We need your help!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has launched a process to make a primary endorsement in the critical Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Following that process, we will run a major grassroots campaign to win this historic election!

Today, Citizen Action is announcing the launch of our NEW 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund. All donations to this special fund will support our “Deep Canvass” Field Program that will talk one-on-one with the targeted voters who will decide the 2023 election.

Now more than ever, we need your support to finance our statewide 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund with the sole purpose of talking directly to voters who will determine who wins the 2023 election.

Citizen Action is holding a Supreme Court candidate forum on Wednesday, January 11th, 7pm. The forum is an important part of our endorsement process. Following an endorsement, we will immediately start having impactful conversations with targeted voters across Wisconsin. If we are able to raise enough money by December 15th we will start the hiring process so we can get going in early January 2023.

This election will determine if the Supreme Court will take on cases that end partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression rules which have been enabled by right-wing judges. The next Supreme Court will also make the final decision on the status of abortion rights in Wisconsin.

Citizen Action now has 3 years experience leading a professional deep canvass field team that centers longer, in-depth conversations with important voters throughout Wisconsin. This method has been proven to move voters to our candidates in multiple studies and most recently in the 2022 election.

Donate now to the 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund.
Volunteer to talk with voters next spring with Citizen Action.

Attend Citizen Action’s State Supreme Court Forum, January 11th, 7pm

We will be hosting a virtual State Supreme Court forum on January 11th, 2023 at 7pm for all Democratic and progressive State Supreme Court candidates!

The State Supreme Court is the next key race in getting Wisconsin back on track, including stronger and more representative maps and ensuring fair voting practices around the state.

When we win this race in 2023, we will FLIP the makeup of the court to a liberal, pro-voting rights, anti-gerrymandering majority! LET’S DO THIS!

Register now

Attend the next Milwaukee Climate Action Meeting, December 15th, 6pm 

Join Citizen Action Northside Rising and Southeast Wisconsin Organizing Co-op to get involved with climate action efforts in Milwaukee on December 15th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

Meet us at the Citizen Action Office or via zoom

We are looking for people committed to environmental justice and to building community with one another.

You will hear from local leaders who are already involved with environmental efforts and you will learn what you can do to support a strong Climate Action Plan that is before the Milwaukee Common Council and to oppose the WE Energy’s rate hikes as well. RSVP

Tuesday, Senate Republican leader Devin LeMahieu called for a flat tax – a terrible idea! A flat tax will cut taxes on the wealthy and raise taxes on most Wisconsin workers. Screw that! We need to increase taxes on the wealthy.

SIGN our PETITION below in support of increasing taxes on the wealthy.

We MUST fix our rigged tax system & tax the ultra-rich!

Listen to “Thankful” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We are thankful for our listeners this holiday season. We appreciate your support for over a decade. This week the gerrymandered leaders of the State Legislature said they wanted to cut taxes for the wealthy, including Republican Senate Majority Leader Devon LeMahieu calling for a regressive flat tax that economists found will cut taxes for the top 3% and raise taxes for everyone making $25,000 – $300,000.

This gerrymandered legislature must be stopped!

We are calling on you this week to donate to our newly launched 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund to win the historically important election that will determine if we can overturn the gerrymandered election maps choking democracy in Wisconsin. DONATE NOW to our Supreme Court Action Fund. Every dollar donated goes directly to support our “deep canvass” field program talking directly to important spring election voters.

Listen now!
Volunteer to talk to voters for the 2023 Supreme Court Election.

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