Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, December 2nd

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, December 2nd

Citizen Action welcomes new Driftless Co-op Organizer, Kristie Tweed 

Kristie has always been politically active. She remembers debating politics with her Dad over the dinner table when she was 10. Throughout the years she tried to canvas or phone bank when she could while working and raising a family. After local school board meetings became contentious over masking, she began organizing support for the Holmen School Board. Kristie led a group of over 600 local citizens in strategizing a successful annual meeting, school board campaign and ultimate win in the 2022 spring election. Kristie also ran for La Crosse County Board in that spring election, falling only 26 votes short against a well known incumbent in a very rural district.

With a new found love of all in organizing and door knocking, Kristie left her marketing business to be the Field Director for the Doyle for Assembly campaign. She led a large staff in a strategic field campaign that was one of the most important races in WI in 2022. Steve Doyle won re-election in a Republican district, which helped save the governor’s critical veto power.

Kristie lives in Holmen, WI with her significant other and their twin teenage daughters. She has an older son who is married and raising a family less than an hour away, which means Grandma gets to visit often!

When people ask Kristie why she would jump all into politics right now when it is so divisive, Kristie says “I’m just trying to do my little piece to make sure my kids and grandkids can have the things all humans deserve…like healthcare, a good public education and a safe, clean environment.”

Kristie is excited to be a part of Citizen Action of WI as the Driftless Co-op Organizer to build grassroots power to take on this region’s most pressing issues, like healthcare, climate change, and protecting our democracy.

Contact Kristie: [email protected]

Attend Citizen Action’s Virtual Annual Meeting, Sat. Dec.10th, 10am – Noon

Citizen Action members and supporters from around the state are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Member Meeting on December 10th at 10am for a review of our collective accomplishments in 2022, a preview of the 2023 Organizing Revival, and to get engaged to lead the way on the change we need.

  • Annual Citizen Action Board Elections (members only)
  • 2022 Year in Review presented by Robert Kraig, Executive Director
  • 2022 Election Review presented by Priscilla Bort, Movement Politics Director
  • Regional Co-op Updates
  • 2023 Preview presented by Robert Kraig and Priscilla Bort
  • 2023 Organizing Revival and Leadership Training presented by Kate Felton, Organizing Director
  • Member to Member Social – meet other members from across the state, build relationships, learn from each other, and make new commitments in 2023.


Attend the next Milwaukee Climate Action Meeting, December 15th, 6pm 

Join Citizen Action Northside Rising and Southeast Wisconsin Organizing Co-op to get involved with climate action efforts in Milwaukee on December 15th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

Meet us at the Citizen Action Office or via zoom

We are looking for people committed to environmental justice and to building community with one another.

You will hear from local leaders who are already involved with environmental efforts and you will learn what you can do to support a strong Climate Action Plan that is before the Milwaukee Common Council and to oppose the WE Energy’s rate hikes as well. RSVP

Attend Citizen Action’s State Supreme Court Forum, January 11th, 7pm

We will be hosting a virtual State Supreme Court forum on January 11th, 2023 at 7pm for all Democratic and progressive State Supreme Court candidates!

The State Supreme Court is the next key race in getting Wisconsin back on track, including stronger and more representative maps and ensuring fair voting practices around the state.

When we win this race in 2023, we will FLIP the makeup of the court to a liberal, pro-voting rights, anti-gerrymandering majority! LET’S DO THIS!

Register now

DONATE to Citizen Action’s 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund. 

Every dollar raised goes directly to support our field deep canvass program talking directly to important spring voters who will determine the election.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show to discuss breaking national news.

Watch it here (at 33 minute mark of video)

Listen to “Gerrymandered Governance” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We discuss growing tensions within the illegitimate Republican Legislature between the old Scott Walker and Trumpist factions. Speaker Vos finally testifies on Trump’s efforts to overturn the Wisconsin 2020 election, becoming the last witness to be interviewed by the historic January 6th Committee. Meanwhile the Wisconsin Election Commission deadlocks and blocks (for now) MAGA Republican Representative Janel Brandtjen’s scheme to acquire personal data of every Wisconsin voter. We talk about the entry of conservative celebrity judge Jennifer Dorow into the 2023 WI Supreme Court election – who surprisingly agrees with Mandela Barnes that Wisconsin’s cash bail system is broken and not keeping us safe. Senator Baldwin successfully passes historic marriage equality legislation, achieving a huge progressive bipartisan win. We close by discussing the proposed Albertsons-Kroger grocery mega merger and the Biden Administration’s intervention into a rail workers strike.

Listen to the new show!

DONATE to Citizen Action’s 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund. Every dollar raised goes directly to support our field deep canvass program talking directly to important spring voters who will determine the election.

RSVP for Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate forum, Wednesday, January 11th, 7pm.
SIGN UP to volunteer for our 2023 Spring Election voter contact program.

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