Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, January 13th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, January 13th

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Hundreds attend Citizen Action’s Supreme Court Candidate Forum

Thank you to the nearly 400 people who attended the entire Citizen Action’s State Supreme Court Candidate Forum! We of course want to say THANK YOU to Judge Everett Mitchell and Judge Janet Protasiewicz for stepping up to run and their engagement in our forum process.

If you missed the forum or want to watch it again, you can do so right here on our Facebook page!

We want to hear from those who have watched the forum – what did you think about what you heard? Do you believe Citizen Action of Wisconsin should endorse in the primary, and if so, who should we endorse?

Our Supreme Court Straw Poll is open now through Wednesday, January 18th, so make sure to share your thoughts today.

North Side Rising member profile; Andre Brown

This intense gentleman is Andre Brown, a new leader member at North Side Rising.

If you missed him at our Supreme Court Forum, please watch. Andre is the Employment Coordinator at Project Return. His passion is working against “re-entry discrimination” faced by those with a criminal record.

If you want to stop crime, have a tough talk with Andre about what changes a criminal into a hard-working, God-fearing, family man, and responsible citizen.

It is NOT more police. Exposure. Training. Work. Opportunity. And support.

North Side Rising members are in full support of the Milwaukee City County Task Force on Climate and Economic Equity. Investment in people to prepare the green workforce of the future is the way to deter crime.

For more information or to join North Side Rising contact, Valerie Ricks: [email protected]

Legislative Republicans pushing dangerous tax cut for wealthy.

A flat tax would mean draconian cuts to state services including public safety, K-12 education, healthcare, environmental protection, the University Wisconsin and Technical College systems.

A flat tax would be a windfall for the state’s richest taxpayers (more than $30,000 a year for the top 3.3% of filers with an AGI of $500,000 and above.) However, it would reduce our state’s revenue by $5.59 billion in the first year, and $3.855 billion per year thereafter according to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Contact your legislators in opposition to their flat tax.

2023-25 State Budget is the BEST opportunity to win bold investments in affordable health care, climate justice, and public education.

Governor Evers holds more cards than ever before. The Governor won reelection by over 3 points, a landslide victory in evenly divided Wisconsin. Because of shamelessly gerrymandered maps that guarantee a supermajority Republican Legislature, the Governor is the only actor with a democratic mandate.

Despite a record $6 billion surplus, the MAGA dominated Legislature will try to ignore the people of Wisconsin yet again, and shower special favors on the wealthy and well connected, but only if we let them. It does not have to be this way if we all step up and do our part.

First, progressive activists must get off the sidelines, and work with organizing groups like Citizen Action of Wisconsin to mobilize powerful grassroots pressure that is felt in every Legislative district.

Second, with the wind of public pressure and an election mandate at his back, the Governor must lean into his own power, using his full Constitutional authority to reject any budget or budget provision that does not address the top priorities of the people.

We can win on health care, climate, and other key priorities, but only if you get involved.

Citizen Action’s Key State Budget Priorities.

  1. Tackle the health care cost crisis, by using the power of government to make medical care and prescription drugs affordable.
  2. Meet the climate crisis and create green union jobs for everyone locked out of economic opportunity.
  3. Fully Fund Public Schools.
  4. Reject more regressive tax cuts that shower further benefits on the wealthy and well connected.

TAKE ACTION & SIGN HERE to support Citizen Action’s progressive priorities in the 2023-25 State Budget.

DONATE today to Citizen Action’s 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund

Citizen Action launched our NEW 2023 Supreme Court Action Fund late last year, and the support from our members has been tremendous.

We need you to donate NOW to this special fund that supports our “Deep Canvass” Field Program, which talks one-on-one with the targeted voters who will decide the election.

Listen to “No New Cold War!” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We are joined by Tobita Chow, the director of Justice is Global to discuss the new House committee aimed at the Chinese government and has Republicans warning of a “New Cold War”. We discuss why a cold war is disastrous to progressive governing and unnecessarily stokes anti-Chinese hate in America.

We debrief Citizen Action’s excellent State Supreme Court progressive candidate forum Wednesday night. We encourage you to watch and vote on what Citizen Action should do in the election. We talk about the newly unveiled Republican agenda in Congress and the State Legislature to provide tax cuts and tax avoidance for the wealthy while declaring no legislative pathway on very popular issues like legalized marijuana. We also review disgraced Wisconsin Election Commissioner Robert Spindell bragging about suppressing voters.

Listen to the new show!

WATCH Citizen Action State Supreme Court progressive candidate forum.
VOTE on what Citizen Action should do in the Supreme Court election.

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