“The people’s priorities vs. the strongest gerrymander” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“The people’s priorities vs. the strongest gerrymander” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Speaker Vos and the gerrymandered Legislature’s removal of 545 items from Governor Tony Evers’ budget. Citizen Action is calling for Evers to use his powerful veto for leverage against Vos and the Republican leadership to force them to negotiate. We expose the outrageous Republican shared revenue ransom note from GOP leadership that attacks local democracy and forces a tough on crime budgeting stance in exchange for allowing Milwaukee to tax itself. During the recording of the show it was announced that Gov. Evers will veto the authoritarian plan.

We welcome Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) co-executive director Cendi Tena to discuss how the Republican’s shared revenue plan forces Milwaukee Public Schools to put police officers in MPS schools, in direct opposition to a local Board decision a few years ago to remove police officers from schools after a long and well organized community effort.

We close with a series of racist incidents across the state that demand discussion: including; Dane County Board Supervisors threatened with racist verbal attacks; a racist video from a UW-Madison student the same week Vos calls for defunding Diversity offices in the UW System; and a Wausau band teacher uses racial slurs against a Hmong student. So much for the post-racial society claimed by Republicans.

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TAKE ACTION: Write a message to Governor Evers asking him to use his veto to strategically force the Republicans to negotiate.
RSVP for Citizen Action’s Weekly Phone Bank in support of BadgerCare in the State Budget, Starts Monday, May 15th, 3pm-5pm.
Sign LIT petition against Republican shared revenue plan that forces police in Milwaukee Public Schools.

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