“Fight for our lights, lives & planet” Battleground Wisconsin 

“Fight for our lights, lives & planet” Battleground Wisconsin 

We comment on the wildfires choking skies across Canada and America and their direct connection to climate change. The dangerous air should teach us all about what it really feels like every day for billions on the planet. We update the state budget drama and encourage you to join Citizen Action organizers and members making calls in support of expanding BadgerCare in the state budget (every Monday, 3-5pm). Also this week, State Senate Republicans voted to put hurdles in front of unemployment benefits while the MAGA wing forced GOP state legislators to block the meningitis vaccine requirement for students.

Wednesday June 14th is a BIG day in Milwaukee for advancing climate justice and an equitable economy. Robert tells us about a City Council Finance Committee public hearing for the Milwaukee City/County Climate Equity Task Force Recommendations, a bold proposal to meet the climate crisis in a way that dramatically improves racial economic equity. Finally, Citizen Action North Side Rising organizer Keviea Guiden joins us to talk about two (2) PSC public hearings in Milwaukee on Wednesday, June 14th to support creating a progressive payment plan for low income households that would cap utility costs at 6% of household income.

Listen to the show.

Volunteer to make calls in support of BadgerCare expansion, Monday, June 12th, 3-5pm
Contact Keviea Guiden at 414-841-3839 or [email protected]

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