Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend Newsletter, Memorial Day Weekend

Citizen Action Weekend Newsletter, Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks to all our members who served.

Citizen Action is hiring! NEW Driftless (La Crosse Area) Coop Organizer; Driftless (La Crosse Area) Deep Canvass Field Organizer; Green Bay Deep Canvass Field Organizer

Campaign for Hospital Accountability gets front page coverage! 

A Citizen Action led news conference in Eau Claire last Friday to announce new legislation by State Senator Jeff Smith to restore public oversight to the expensive and out of control hospital sector received front page treatment this Monday in Eau Claire. The campaign is critical to restoring public oversight of our healthcare systems in our communities. And we need you to join us!

See the coverage from the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, WEAU TV 13, and WQOW TV 18.

Read more about what Citizen Action is proposing.
Take Action and sign our petition in support.

Hospital Accountability Campaign is launched! What can you do to help?

Contact a Citizen Action organizer near you to talk about how you can get involved.

Attend a Healthcare Action Team meeting near you!

Citizen Action North Side Rising Organizing Cooperative Walks the Walk!

Citizen Action North Side Rising is a power building organization. We know that in order to create a world where health care and housing are not a worry, water and air are safe, the earth is protected and wages are livable, WE HAVE TO WORK!!

Pictured, North Side Rising member Andre Brown talks to a man and finds out that he is a contractor interested in our Green Jobs work and offering training. And the guy in the pink hoodie? He works with youth and is interested in joining our work with MPS.

We offset corporate greed with numbers. Regular ole folk struggling to afford and access the healthcare they need. Regular folks struggling with energy bills. Regular folks whose water is poisoned by lead or PFAS. Regular working folks who work hard but can’t get ahead while a segment of our population has EVERYTHING at their disposal.

We build power by finding like minded folks who are fed up with this “stuff” and are willing to take step by step action against it. How many doors will you knock on? How many phone calls will you make? How many blocks will you walk? How many texts will you send? Will you get information in your church bulletin? How many conversations are you willing to have to build this power?

Get involved with North Side Rising, contact Valerie Ricks at: [email protected]

Attend Northeast Healthcare Action Team Meeting, Monday, June 3rd, 5pm 

If you want more information and want to attend please contact: [email protected]

Attend Southeast Healthcare Action Team Meeting, Tuesday, June 4th, 6pm

If you want more information and want to attend please contact: [email protected]

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for the full hour to discuss the opportunity of fair maps in Wisconsin and the consequences of a Trump election for the Supreme Court.

Listen Here.

The Earl Ingram Show airs on the growing Civic Media radio network from 8 AM to 10 AM weekdays. Robert is the regular guest every Wednesday 9 AM to 10 AM. Civic Media now has radio stations in every media market where Citizen Action has an organizing co-op. You can also subscribe to the Earl Ingram show on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, and listen on Alexa and on TuneIn. For video of the program you can watch on YouTube.

Listen to “Fighting Hospital Costs and Closures” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We review the launch of a new statewide campaign for Hospital and Health system accountability. Big hospital chains have used their lobbying and political clout to excuse themselves from public oversight, with disastrous results for patients and communities. In their ceaseless quest for revenue, thy have made health care unaffordable, and created an unstable system which is leading to closures and the elimination of critical services across the state. We will discuss new legislation being drafted by State Senator Jeff Smith to reassert public oversight over the hospital industry.

Listen to the show.
Read more
about our Hospital and Health System Accountability plan.
Take Action in support of Hospital and Health System Accountability plan.

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