Challenging Monopolies” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Challenging Monopolies” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Robert joins us from New Mexico where he was at a People’s Action leadership retreat and a well deserved vacation to hike and bike in New Mexico.

Yet another Walker-appointee refuses to leave office when their term expires, this time a Green Bay area bank CEO on the UW Board of Regents. What does this say about the GOP attitude towards democracy and power, and how progressives must respond?

A blockbuster federal report reveals Medicare Advantage’s $64 billion in supplemental benefits slush fund for the big insurance industry, without democratic accountability. What are the broader implications of the increasingly monopolistic system in search of profits and market share at all costs? Turning to Wisconsin, Robert and Matt layout why news the for-profit OakLeaf is planning to staff a new Eau Claire area hospital is further evidence the system is not healthy and needs state regulation that protects the health of communities against the abuses of the healthcare industry money grab. The announcement of a new public transit Rideshare program to try to fill unplanned transportation gaps in people accessing healthcare in between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire further reveals the complete failure of our system and the need for our new hospital accountability legislation we announced with State Senator Jeff Smith earlier this month.

Next week is Bike Week! Citizen Action Northwest Coop Organizer, Jeremy Gragert, joins us to discuss the Week’s growth, importance and connection to sustainable and reliable public mass transit and fighting climate change.

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