“Educating Every Kid” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Educating Every Kid” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Senator Chris Larson joins us to discuss the current financial reporting crisis at Milwaukee Public Schools and the direct link to nearly two decades of under-funding from the state and the lack of serious investment in democracy’s most important priority, educating all of Wisconsin’s children. We discuss how the opponents of public education are cynically using the situation to gut public education and democratically elected school boards.

We review new research showing a majority of Americans want to forgive medical debt. We look at the connection between escalating medical costs and the current monopolistic health systems running roughshod over local communities. We talk about the shameful scheme by the Mayo monopoly to get $1 million more from the city of Eau Claire, as they suffer through an epic healthcare crisis Mayo helped create. Ascension healthcare workers are speaking out about the serious health risks posed by the data meltdown. We discuss why it speaks to the need for real regulation of hospitals and health systems in Wisconsin.

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Read our proposal to regulate hospital and health systems in Wisconsin. Sign our petition in support.

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