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Bill Kaplan: Trump will be impeached

Bill Kaplan: Trump will be impeached

[caption id="attachment_5492" align="alignright" width="257"] Photo: Gage Skidmore[/caption] The walls are closing in on Trump. Last week, two-thirds of House Republicans joined Democrats in voting for a strong condemnation of Trump’s withdrawal from Syria and abandonment of the Kurds. All Wisconsin GOP and Democratic representatives voted to rebuke Trump. Wisconsin Republican Representative Jim Sensenbrenner was spot-on: “And, the long-term consequence I think is people will wonder what the word of the United States is worth, because we’ve been backing the Kurds for a very, very long time and all of a sudden that backing was pulled … And, as a result, a group of people … fighting on our side in all of the messes in the Middle East ends up getting a stab in the back”. Later, at a White House meeting on Syria, Trump erupted in a tantrum at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He disparaged her as a “third-grade…


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