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Senator Baldwin & Citizen Action Call for Bold COVID-19 Economic Relief

Senator Baldwin & Citizen Action Call for Bold COVID-19 Economic Relief

Baldwin legislation would extend unemployment and work-share before July deadline, create New Deal-style publicly subsidized jobs program, begin climate transition, improving racial equity, and revitalizing rural areas Statewide: In a virtual town hall meeting this morning over 160 Citizen Action leaders and members heard a full report from U.S. Senator Baldwin on the need to maintain and further extend economic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Tammy Baldwin’s entire 30 minute presentation and Q&A session here. Milwaukee small business owner Ryan Clancy also joined the call to discuss the urgent need for further economic relief. The COVID-19 induced economic crisis requires an urgent and large scale federal response. The duration of the pandemic, which is growing in Wisconsin and most of the country, and the persistent depression-like economic repercussions it is producing, could not have been fully anticipated in March when the last large scale relief passage was enacted. In…


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This unprecedented public health emergency focuses us on the truth that we are all interconnected. Citizen Action's COVID-19 Action Center


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