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“History with Kamala Harris” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“History with Kamala Harris” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We lead with the historic selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate, the first African American women to ever appear on a major party ticket. Will it help Biden win in November? Is there any progressive unrest about the choice? We review Wisconsin’s partisan primary election this Tuesday, where progressives and many candidates of color swept a series of closely contested primaries. We focus in on Citizen Action co-op member Kristina Shelton’s huge victory in Green Bay and Citizen Action organizer Supreme Moore Omokunde’s win in Milwaukee. We discuss the latest MU Law Poll and a new WEAC Regon 7's “Report Card” grading the opening plans of school districts in southeastern Wisconsin. Is your school district opening safely? Finally, we are joined by Citizen Action co-op member and state legislative candidate Emily Siegrist, to discuss her race and the rising prospects of Democratic pick ups in the…


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Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative of North Central WI

Our method is simple: Create an Organizing Cooperative, a membership organization YOU own, and hire a professional organizer that will work to unify and strengthen the power of concerned citizens, progressive allies and groups across Wisconsin to make social change! This is your Organizing Cooperative, you own it. You direct it. What do you want to change in your community? What should we organize for next? North Central Organizing Co-op members have…

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Give each generation the education they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Guarantee and fund a world class education for everyone from preschool through college.

Health Care

Establish health care as a fundamental human right guaranteed by our democratic government.


Just, Sustainable, and Prosperous Economy: Create a fair, equitable, and resilient economy and avert a global climate catastrophe.

Justice System Reform

End system of mass incarceration and biased policing, and instead invest in harm reduction, restorative justice, and mental health treatment. Strengthen and protect our state and federal constitutional rights to a fair, impartial, and nonpartisan judiciary.


Shift power back to the people, and away from the corporate and big money interests, by creating a vibrant democracy where voting rights are dramatically expanded, elections are owned by voters, and the public interest is the major driver of public policy.

Immigrant Rights

Stop the criminalization of communities of color by establishing that everyone in the United States, regardless of their immigration status or criminal record, has the same fundamental human and constitutional rights.

Co Op

The Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative is a member-owned coalition of individuals committed to empowering more and more Wisconsinites to act in the public sphere to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice.

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