Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, January 25th

Friday, January 25th

Citizen Action Applauds Governor Evers for Commitment to Expand BadgerCare

Is great first step towards fulfilling public mandate to guarantee affordable health care in Wisconsin

In response to the first State of the State Address of Tony Evers, Citizen Action of Wisconsin members across the state applaud the Governor’s firm commitment to including BadgerCare expansion in the state budget.

“Claiming hundreds of millions in federal tax dollars already set aside for Wisconsin to expand BadgerCare to more low income families is a great first step in fulfilling the election mandate to guarantee affordable quality health care,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

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Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, January 18th

Friday, January 18th

Citizen Action and One Wisconsin Now win the first lame duck case, blocking GOP early voting restrictions

Citizen Action is again making headlines across the state.

Thursday Citizen Action and our partners, including One Wisconsin Now, won an injunction from a federal judge blocking the early voting restrictions put in place by the Lame Duck Legislature and Governor Walker! Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, January 11th

Friday, January 11th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin statewide staff meets for strategic retreat this week in Milwaukee.

This week Citizen Action of Wisconsin organizing staff meet in Milwaukee for a strategic retreat. In 3 days of intensive (and exhausting) work we made progress in planning our 2019 issue and electoral campaigns, evolving our organizational culture, improving our effectiveness as a team, and building deeper relationships between staff. Read More

Cirtizen Action Weekly: January 4, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

Welcome Noah Reif, Citizen Action’s new Northwestern Wisconsin Co-op Organizer

Noah joins the Citizen Action team after spending the 2018 midterms with For our Future-Wisconsin. They grew up in Beechwood, Wisconsin before attending St. Norbert College and graduating with a Bachelors of Music- Liberal Arts. In 2016, Noah ran for State Assembly District 88 against John Macco, ultimately garnering 11,000 votes. In their free time, Noah is an avid podcast listener and reader, mostly revolving around Wisconsin sports and politics.” Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, December 14th

Friday, December 14th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Stands with Wausau Council member Mary Thao

Citizen Action of Wisconsin members in North Central Wisconsin are very troubled by the events on the Wausau City Council that prompted Council member Mary Thao to recuse herself from closed sessions of the Council. Mary experienced these sessions as an unwelcoming space where diverse perspectives are not respected. Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Happy Thanksgiving Weekly

Happy Thanksgiving Weekly

Brew Fest: Mandela Barnes, Gwen Moore and Lisa Neubauer speak;
Members who ran for office highlighted.

This Monday evening the 10th Annual Citizen Action Brew Fest was held at the historic Coakley Bros. Building on Milwaukee’s southside. Brew Fest featured inspiring speeches from Lt. Governor-Elect Mandela Barnes, Congresswoman Gwen Moore and State Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer. Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, November 9th, 2018

Friday, November 9th, 2018

2018 Election Establishes Mandate for Bold Healthcare Reform

Citizen Action members help set agenda for health care, and show growing grassroots power, making tens of thousands of door knocks and phone calls

Years of grassroots organizing by Citizen Action of Wisconsin members across the state helped build healthcare into the dominant issue in the 2018 elections. The election results create a mandate for Governor Evers to pursue Medicaid Expansion, a BadgerCare Public Option, Long Term Care Reform, and meaningful action on runaway prescription drug prices. Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018

Citizen Action members join Mandela Barnes and former HHS director Kathleen Sebelius at media conference  

Highlight importance of the ACA’s ban on discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.

Denise Patton, a Citizen Action co-op member and small business owner, flanked by fellow co-op members, Mandela Barnes & former US HHS director Kathleen Sebelius, sharing how we need to protect people like her with preexisting conditions (both allergies & heart condition), and how reform allowed her to have more time with her late brother than if he couldn’t get coverage. “I’d be remiss if I didn’t first thank God”, said Denise Patton. “But second I thank the Affordable Care Act” Read More

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, October 12th, 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Scott Walker Misleading Voters With Health Care Cost Reduction Claims

Walker’s election year plan impacts a tiny fraction of health consumers, is dwarfed by premium reductions in neighboring Minnesota, and does not make up for cost of his sabotage

After 7 years of working to sabotage the Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin, Scott Walker is making misleading claims about reducing health care costs just weeks ahead of a close election. The public has a right to know his real record on health care access and affordability. Read More