Jobs For Economic Recovery Act

What is it:
Jobs For Economic Recovery Act

What do we want:
We are asking that the Biden Administration includes this legislation in the next COVID-19 relief legislation that is submitted to the 117th Congress.

Who wrote the Bill:
Last year, the Jobs for Economic Recovery Act was introduced in Congress as:

  • S4107 by Senators Ron Wyden, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Van Hollen, Michael Bennet, and Cory Booker; and
  • HR 8509 by Congressman Danny Davis and Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

What will it do:
This legislation will put millions of jobless Americans back to work in the face of the COVID pandemic’s hollowing out of the labor market.

It will do so by amending the Social Security Act to provide subsidized, wage-paying jobs and other employment services to those who cannot find work due to COVID–19 and other shortcomings of the labor market.  Its time for enactment has come.

During the Great Depression, millions of unemployed Americans were able to avoid impoverishment, hunger, and eviction as a result of President Roosevelt’s New Deal jobs programs (the CCC, CWA, and WPA). Jobless adults today should again be offered wage-paying, subsidized jobs—doing useful work in the public and private sector—as part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s initiatives for building back better a nation that has been damaged by disease and layoffs.