Progress Centered Communication

Progress Centered Communication is Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s new strategy to create powerful progressive messages which we can use to win bold policies to dramatically expand opportunity and freedom in Wisconsin.

Progress Centered Communication builds on the most advanced persuasion research and the work of message development practitioners, but puts a stronger focus on developing clear strategic goals needed to disrupt the constraints that hold us back from bridging the gap between our values and current social realities.

Progress Centered Communication is gaining national attention. See the article “Rewriting the Progressive Playbook” in In These Times Magazine.

Citizen Action has launched deep planning projects with dozens of progressive partner organizations to develop shared ten year strategic communications on economic equality, guaranteed affordable health care, and budget & tax issues. More issues are in the works.

Ways to Connect with Citizen Action’s Progress Centered Communication Project:

  1. Read our Progress Points Message Blog for guidance on good progressive messaging.

  2. Scheduling a Message Training for Your Group

  3. Join one of Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Organizing Cooperatives. Our “member-owners” get ongoing access to strategic planning and message coaching. click here

Progress Centered Communication is led by Citizen Action’s Executive Director Dr. Robert Kraig, who holds a Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For an example of Robert’s academic articles on American political discourse click here.

Citizen Action is partnering with many progressive organizations and thought leaders in Wisconsin to develop and implement Progress Centered Communication, including High Ground Institute, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, the Brico Fund, and many others.