Angelique Rogers

Angelique Rogers, Associate Director. Angelique has been working in movement and electoral politics for more than two decades, and rejoined Citizen Action Staff in 2018 as Organizing Director, after initially working as the Citizen Action Field Canvass Manager from 2006-2009.  When Angelique moved on from CAW in 2009, she started her own political and non-profit consulting firm. Over the years she has worked on more than 45 local and state level candidate campaigns, and consulted for several issue and political nonprofits on legislative and electoral campaigns across the state including Voces de la Frontera, United Wisconsin, Wisconsin Jobs Now, Fair Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Voices.  Angelique’s main areas of focus are in nonprofit management and operations, strategic issue and electoral campaign planning, data, technology, training and professional development, and field. In her spare time Angelique loves playing video games, hanging with her dog, kayaking, interior design, and DIY projects around the house. The coolest thing Angelique has done in the last 5 years was paint gigantic murals of Bat Man, Super Man, and Wonder Woman (complete with light up lasso) on the walls in her newly self-renovated basement.